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  • smart_investor67 smart_investor67 Sep 26, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

    Amazon vs SNE

    How can Amazon, which failed to make any profits for years, and totally dependent on selling online cheap products from China can trade at 50 times the book value, why a quality world-class company like Sony is trading at less than book value? is it Wall Street fraud?

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    • Sony is a quality world-class company? I want whatever you are smoking. Give me a break. Sony = over priced = proprietary peripherals = proprietary formats = poor customer service = poor quality = dinosaur.

    • Amazon has everything for sale, China? I guess the FEIN MADE in GERMANY doesn't count? Amazon sells everything, and they deliver it FAST. Probably the best internet seller there is. Amazing operation, Sony, is a ZERO. How many Sony products are made in China? hmmm.

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    • Amazon is well run, and provides an incredible operation and SERVICE. Sony is TOASTED. bye Bye. Sony never invented anything, just mfg'd stuff other companies invented. Sony, all Baloney. they mostly are a marketing company, even that is a failure. Samsung and LG are clobbering them at their own game of making other people's stuff. apple is the next Sony. game makers never last.

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