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  • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Dec 2, 2012 8:56 AM Flag

    2 important posts about the new Playstation being Sonys last hope, here is good american advice

    Listen we don't care about all people that say you are not ready for a new console. This is the longest we have had to wait for a new console and it is #$%$ us off, we should have had a new playstation and xbox 2 or 3 years ago, if your not ready, keep playing a console with shotty graphics, but we know that they are taking their sweet time coming out with a console because of all the idiots that keep buying the junk consoles that should have been replaced years ago. The older gamers with awesome computers hooked up to an led screen or new smart tv plasma and the best GPU see the games so much better and they know the next consoles are going to rock. Part of the problem is Sony stock is getting killed, their credit and debt rating just got whacked bad, their currency is getting weaker with no end in site. They absolutely have to have a winner and beat Microsoft easily, not a just a little bit better then Microsoft but a lot better. Now Microsoft being the cash cow should approach AMD and say we want the best Radeon GPU you have at cost, in return we will advertise you in every commercial for 3 years and give you 100 million cash. If Microsoft goes after the Hardcore gamer, forget the kids, they will win, they need to adopt the Amazon plan and sell the new xbox for cost or say 100.00 loss on every unit, that could be the dagger in Playstation. Microsoft needs to leave out the motion crap, that is a gimmick, if the customer wants that garbage let him buy it seperately. Put all the money into the best hardware money can buy, then the software can grow and grow over the years, could be forever till we get another console so do it right, a 1000.00 machine for 450-550. One other thing I guarantee they are thinking about, do they want to use these new small parts, or would that be worth it, should they stick with big pc parts that are proven? I would rather the new xbox come with a bad #$%$ machine gun then motion crap. With the cloud making online so cheap, Playstation could make an online just as good as Microsoft and include it for free or 10 a month. Until I hear they are doing the right things, making the right decisions to rescue this company from a 4.50 share price I have to keep buying puts weekly. Japanese currency is about to get killed on the forex market as the Bank of Japan and their new leader have confirmed they are going to print a gazillion new Japanese Yen. Once that starts SNE goes straight to 6 or 7 dollars a share. It will bottom at 4.50 after 5 days under 5 dollars to knock every margin long out of the stock. Every single time, or at least 96% of the time that a large technology stock falls under 10 from much higher, the shorts and the bears will target sony and they want 4.50 for 5 days and after the 5th day they will start covering and going long. If sony can come up with enough cash, it is not a definte they have enough for sure, and they can come out with a Playstation that for sure is better then the new xbox, then new investors will come into the stock. As it is now the bagholder longs in SNE are taking a wait and see attitude, until they see a new playstation that will get software titles and the industry moving again, they will not buy, chart shows it is going to 5!

    I am long 7600 shares of Sony, yet I know the stock will keep going down to 5, so I have put options that control a 70,000 share position bet to the downside as insurance. Goldman will naked short it to 5, never will you call Goldman and they say we don't have the shares to short. Want the proof Goldman fought for 3 years with a judge in court to keep you from seeing. Goldmans own army of attorneys screwed up and accidentally submitted it with part of their other evidence, I guess a lawyer was to lazy or to jittery on coffee to read what they were submitting that day. Do a googsearch for the Rolling Stone proof of Goldman Sachs caught naked shorting for years.

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    • classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts classactionlawsuitsonnakedshrts Dec 2, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

      Another way Sony could help its cause is instead of making a few movies each year, cut a couple movies off the yearly budget and make series like Dexter, Californication, Shameless, Boss, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones etc. You make one about Blues, oxycodone 30 mg and Dilaidid 8's, Opana 10's .... it will focus on the street dealing of these pills, the dirtydoctors, what the girls do with older doctors for these pills, the people dead from them, the crooked cops paid off that let heroin be sold all day in broad daylight, the dealers have no fear because they pay the cops off weekly like they do in St. Pete and Tampa Florida, How Georgia is taking over as the next hot spot because Gov. Scott of Florida put the prescription monitoring in place. I guarantee you get 7 seasons out of it... And you make one like True blood but different, less love story more battles, with more focus on the council. Ok enough free ideas for you sony.

      You wanna pay me, I have 10 more ideas for series that will sell and rescue your failing stock and company. Realistically you should go private instead of embarrassing yourself being listed publicly, but all my puts would be worthless if you did that.

      Elecronic Arts, Take two, THQ, Valve, Steam told Microsoft years ago that they have already maxed out their processor and GPU, they have been demanding and begging for a new console for over 3 years. Microsoft is suppose to be a leader, because they are located in the USA they have a reputation to uphold and are suppose to be the first out with a console, that being said Playstation needs a hit so quick and bad I think they will release before Microsoft. Sony has discovered it is very hard to sell tv's nowadays with everybody already having a nice tv and the others waiting for the smart tv to be perfected or apple tv to come out before they buy. If I was sony I would put 80% of the compabies research into the Playsation 4 with 20% of that into research and development, they need to get into Artificial reality heavy also. Before the last of the shareholders who are now bagholders in Sony decide to sell the stock and the bonds, they need to do a secondary like yesterday before sony stock is cut in half again. They should approach Amazon to get money then allow amzn to get some exclusive games for their kindle customers that ipad users can't get. Amazon could also rent Sony movies, both Amazon and Sony need to start producing series the way Showtime does Dexter and HBO does Boardwalk Empire, Shameless, Californication etc, Boss just got cancelled for no reason, AMZN needs to buy the rights and continue the show.

      Please issue a press release saying the new playstation is coming as your stock approaches 5 because if it falls below 4 all bets are off for your systems future outlook.

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