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  • olliwd1 olliwd1 Jan 21, 2013 5:39 AM Flag

    Forbes: Waterproof Tablet THINNER than Apple's Mini? By Sony? What? Wow? Wow? Wow?

    98,008,100 shares sold in Japan today so looks like a good base. Converted to USD it closed at $13.37 with a high of $13.82.

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    • In the short term, Sony needs to, at the very minimum, triple from 52 weeks low like NOK and RIMM have already done. That is the very minimum but I truly believe Sony is a 10 bagger from here and will go over 100 within 1-2 years. Smartphone market is lots and lots of room to grow and while a bit late Sony is sitting very pretty right now.

      The name Sony is trusted around the world as the #1 best in electronics and quality and their reputation, even as of right now, surpasses that of Apple, Samsung, or any other smartphone maker by a mile. Once their slick phones (using Androids) and Tablets hit the stores most high end customers worldwide will choose Sony over all the others.

      To repeat, I truly believe Sony can and will eventually overtake Samsung and Apple. It is just a matter of time (and I am not just pumping but saying what I sincerely believe).

      Market's right now are discounting Sony's future potential simply because there has been such an avalanche of news around other smartphone makers that this biggest giant of them all, along with its products and heavy research of the recent past, has gone un-noticed under the radar. But things are about to change once their "water-proof and dust-proof thinner than Mini with a bigger screen" tablet and their Z smartphone become available in more and more countries and store...Or when its share price hits 20 and market begins to notice this just awaken giant.

      No wonder the CEO said yesterday that Sony intends to become one of the top 3 smartphone makers in the world. He really meant #1 among the top 3 but to say that he have to wait a bit longer.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • @olliwd1, how do you get Tokyo stock quotes?

30.21+0.21(+0.70%)Jul 22 4:02 PMEDT