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  • chrisroxder chrisroxder Jan 23, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    A fool and his money

    is soon parted. You're buying SNE after a 60% run (after factoring in 16% dilution in the stock from the convertible bonds) in 6 weeks? Best of luck to you on that. There has been zero fundamental improvement to support this move. The company continues to hemorrhage money, as evidenced by its recent decision to issue a convertible bond offering at very low conversion prices ($11 USD) and to sell off its headquarters.

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    • i think you guys should really consider to take some profits now. let it drop a few dollars and then come back in again.

    • You seem so desperate. SNE is down 28% over the last 12 months and is up only 10.8% year to date. From its 52 weeks low is up a meager 30% compared to over 300% for likes of NOK and RIMM with less superior tablet or smartphones and much less of a ace reputation (mind you Sony is been around for decades and has an unscathed reputation for quality). Also note that while RIMM and NOK have all their eggs in smartphone basket, Sony is involved in many many other endeavors all the way from movies to PlayStation, etc.

      I think what you are missing is the fact that Sony hit the 52 weeks low exactly because of the convertibles. As a matter of fact just on the day of convertibles announcement it lost 10% followed by further correction. Otherwise the matter of convertibles is already baked in and more. I should also point out that many experts actually think Sony share price should have gone up on convertible issue as being able to raise over $1.9 billion, something likes of Sharp can not do, shows the profound trust and believe the investor have in Sony.

      So you ignore the correction to 52 weeks low because of the convertibles and include that in your calculations. Isn't that pure stupidity?

      The fact remains that Sony is Sony is Sony. They've already come up with a tablet THINNER than Apple's Mini and an smartphone that is more powerful( (in all capabilities including battery life, photography and videos, Android usage, memory, etc etc and is even are even water resistant. and as important they are the slickest products in the market today even when compared to that of Samsung or Apple.

      If I was you I would buy into Sony while you still have a chance and before the train leaves the station all together and would not try to be so stupid to ignore all the good that is going on with such a well known and reputable company and keep bring back old news to bash.

      Catch it while you can dummy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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