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  • Sony finding it difficult to go above $17

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    • Ridiculously low volume and obvious sellers getting frustrated. We should be trading at $16.93 with the current exchange rate. Obviously with the markets up we should be higher than that, so we have to wait for the frustrated sellers to leave before moving upwards. Hoping for a late day spike and increased volume!

      Almost not worth following any longer, at least on a daily basis.

      GLTA Longs!

    • Any gain over 1.81% tonight gives us a gap up over $17. Soon it will be our turn for one of those 8-10% overnight gains!

      Stay patient and good luck!

    • It really has to do with the Yen weakening and the stock's price staying about the same. I know the talk is that as the Yen weakens, every dollar equals about 1 billion in revenue for the company. I've heard that for some time now, but the stock's price is not moving upward and the Yen continues to weaken, which makes it difficult to breach the $17 mark.

      After the last and final resistance point at approximately $17.55, it will be a very quick climb upward. Patience should be rewarded and hopefully as soon as the end of this month.

      Right now though you compare the stock's price of Y1660 to the same Y1660 price on 3/18/13 and you'll see why we aren't trading higher.

      On 3/18/13 the stock's price closed at Y1660, but the Yen conversion rate was Y94.37 to $1.00. Therefore at Y1660 on 3/18/13, the stock conversion price was $17.59. At today's conversion of Y99.14 that same Y1660 stock price converts to only $16.74.

      Obviously, we need the stock's price to be at least Y1686 or higher at current Yen/dollar conversion rates to breach the $17 mark. Hopefully the companies 55 inch 4K TV and PS4 launches near month's end will drive the stock's price upward and the Yen stabilizes around the Y100/$1.00 mark.

      GLTA Longs!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • workfromwork Apr 9, 2013 9:39 AM Flag

      the introduction of the actual ps4 at the end of this month should push us to 23

32.66-0.52(-1.57%)9:33 AMEDT