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  • idrex idrex Apr 24, 1998 12:02 AM Flag

    DSP application form..where is it?

    Since PHG and sony are very close in nature is it possible that
    Sne will come with a strong report next week like phg?

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    • Tokyo market has been up like 2% while we slept. Most buying coming from Japan. Article I read this morning says foreigners
      are still net sellers. This started a few days ago. Makes buying this market a bit contrairian, which doesn't bother me. I
      usualy go with my convictions and as positions are net winners to date I see reasons to remain bullish on Japan. Staying firm on my
      long term dollar down against the yen and looking at recent dollar rally as a buying oppertunity (followed most recently by yen
      rally). The market in Japan should have adjusted to keep us from geting this nice discount on their profitable companies but didn't.
      It didn't becouse of asia crisis. I think the people pulling out believe problems are perminent and the $ is king. I think
      there are to many $'s. Japan stopped sopping up all the excess dollars (5 bil trade imballance and growing last month) and even
      will defend buy selling T's. They have the amunition and to think otherwise must be some form of new math. Sony is a very
      profitable company and a week yen only serves to make it more so. Am I missing something or simply going to be wealthier than the non
      investor in sne, fujiy, etc.? Tony

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