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  • the_ground_hog_and_the_fox the_ground_hog_and_the_fox Oct 26, 1999 1:54 PM Flag

    SONY has lousy customer service in USA

    I bought SONY stock at 90 last June or so and am
    very happy with the runup of the stock. However, I
    recently got the frustrating experience of trying to order
    something directly from SONY and it is a most frustrating
    experience indeed. Especially their VIAO line of computers
    which are advertised by SONY to be ordered via SONY
    direct. If SONY doesn't shape up they are not going to
    show a lot of sales in the USA

    I ordered a sony
    VIAO powerbook with all options from SONY direct two
    weeks ago it still has not arrived. Ordering was made
    very difficult, because they
    do not take corporate
    credit cards, and it is a nightmare for us as well to
    let the purchasing department of our institute do
    Sony was also not particularly informative with
    questions etc.
    It took a long time to get some basic
    The order was made two weeks ago, product ships after
    one week: I still do not see anything. I did not
    succeed in contacting SONY via iternet (yes, they gave a
    web address with a number),
    because it is slow and
    I get many interruptions as well, and this seems
    not to be something you can do in a

    Also I get the runaround from their phone system when
    I try to call asking when it will be shipped, or
    was shipped.

    My point is: SONY USA doesn't
    seem to take a particular effort to care about their
    customers when selling via the web or directly. I like
    their product, want to buy it, but they don't make it

    My conclusion is that such a company is dommed to

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    • Fine, they sell many Philips ideas, while of
      course paying royaltys to the masters of development and
      creation....Checkout FRONTLINE from PBS, a great documentary a few
      years ago about MATSUSHITA (panasonic), how Swiss bank
      accounts and lying about pricing at customs to avoid
      dumping they swindeled their way into the
      U.S. market in the 60's...very good bunch of unknown
      facts, also how they screwed the workers at Quasar,
      which was a Motorola operation at the time...Philips
      was one of the first companys in the world to set up
      overseas manufacturing, in all the countrys they were
      selling products, so they would be part of the local
      economy, this was back in the 30's, as they expanded
      around the world. A business concept. that was unknown
      at the time...another Philips first...

    • i saw a RCA dvd player at bestbuy, the salesmen
      said it was made by panasonic. it wasnt too expensive
      so i may get it this weekend!
      and fafa if you
      hate sony so much, why waste your time on the sony
      i just found that very funny!

    • I bought a Panasonic DVD-X410 several months ago
      and like it. Wasn't horribly expensive and had lots
      of good features (including one not too useful
      anylonger...DIVX. Getting a $100 rebate on that from


    • Albeit minor, Playstation accounts for only 40%
      of revenue.

      But check this out:

      wants a tin can for best friend?/ Even Sony can�t see
      the point of this new toy, but the �intelligent� (The
      Daily Telegraph, October 28, 1999)
      It walks the
      walk. It barks the bark, but even Sony, maker of the
      Aibo robot dog, is struggling to work out quite why
      anyone would want it.
      A new version of the cyber
      canine goes on sale in Europe next month but the company
      famed for innovation admits that Aibo is a radical
      departure. It is the first product Sony has produced that
      has no obvious purpose.
      Undoubtedly, there is
      something cute about a plastic puppy that in most respects
      - including raising a rear leg to relieve itself -
      resembles its canine equivalent, but is this, as Sony
      claims, really the future of electronic entertainment?

      Based on past experience, it�s a fair bet that Version
      7.0 will sell out almost as soon as the website opens
      for bookings next Monday.
      When Sony offered 2,000
      of version 6 (the first to be sold) in Japan, they
      were snapped up in 20 minutes. Another 3,000 were
      offered on the Internet to American residents only; the
      demand crashed the website for four days. Somewhat
      dispiritingly, Sony�s research found that the buyers were not
      children but unmarried men aged 30-39. This time,
      applicants will have a week to enter a lottery to buy one of
      10,000. Aibo 7.0, with improved learning abilities,
      smaller ears and a choice of two colours, will be limited
      to one per household in Japan, America and Europe
      But quite why so many people want to pay
      pounds 1,600 for a gadget with no practical purpose is
      proving to be a conundrum for which Sony itself does not
      have an answer. Compared with the Walkman, the CD, the
      transistor radio, the camcorder and colour television, the
      robot dog is out of place. The only thing that Aibo can
      do is mimic a dog in an inferior fashion to the real
      At a preview in Berlin last week, Anil Sethi,
      marketing director for Sony Europe, admitted that the
      company had no idea what the future holds for such
      robots. �We do not know what will come out of it but it
      is the beginning of a whole new technology,� he
      said. �It�s a revolutionary product for us, so we are
      hoping our customers will tell us what they want.�

      All Sony knows for sure is that there are enough
      early adopters who will buy any new gadget to make it
      worthwhile to make and sell Aibo at pounds 1,600. To keep
      them happy, it is also selling a software program that
      allows owners to tinker with Aibo�s abilities. A bark
      can be changed to a miaow, or even a voice, simply by
      exchanging a sound file - imagine how exciting that must be.
      Sony will not divulge how much Aibo has cost to
      develop. Instead it says it has been a �key project�
      developed over five years.

    • donthatemebecauseiamugly donthatemebecauseiamugly Oct 29, 1999 7:25 AM Flag

      dear drsxl
      i have an sony vibrating vibrator,
      but it doesn`t work anymore. i am considering to buy
      a new one, i like the following brands:
      sony ,
      panasonic , braun , tefal , nissan , black&decker,
      catepillar, pepsi , macdonalds , shell, levi`s, reebock but
      also nike`s, mitzui , goldstar , samsung

      i don not like:
      jvc , babyliss, mitsubushi ,
      chevrolet coca cola , gapstar , durex , burgerking , exxon
      , deawoo , yamaha,

      whatabout PHILIPS I HAVE


    • HI THERE
      most off you here are sony-lovers ,
      am i right?
      working in a sony factory , and in
      your rare sparetime you:
      - play on your
      - watch moving images made by sonypictures on your
      sony tv
      - visit sony wonderworld in N.Y
      DISCUSS ABOUT SONYPRODUCTS( witch enlighten your life) on
      the financial messageboard?

      BELEAVING IT IS ....analyse:
      - their strategy..
      - the
      changing needs of`inteligent`futurepeople
      - the
      changing world
      - and the action`s of their

      sony`s entertainment biznes:
      - movie : high risk, no
      profit `yet??`
      - music : `ilegal` music copying:
      cd-r/rw, mp3 , more competitive unknowrecordlabels
      playstationI:xx$%^#: playstationII : how long will this ride last
      (sega,nintendo)vs PC`s
      sony`s consumer products: gaining
      competitors, loosing biznis vs computerindustry(gateway,dell
      -selling sugerd water with a sony label ,
      would be the next strategic step i`ve heard..coca-pepsi
      prepare to eat dust.

      looks like an uncertain
      future to me , most of you have enjoyd the ride on up 60
      -150 (in 6months). how long do you hope/think it will
      for the ones NOT beeing appeald to this sarcastic
      statement, next time when you buy a product/invest think and
      try a wiser option..

      philips: always
      philips the choise of a new
      philips its getting better al the time

    • accounts for about 20% of sony's profit from what
      businessweek said.
      i have a split sony-panasonic house
      though, both are fabulous products.
      now looking for a
      dvd player,but not the high end one.

    • I use a lot of Philips high-end light bulbs, but
      if all of their employee are like fafa, I'm going to
      have second thoughts. They might hunt me down and kill
      me for misspelling the family name.

      If I have
      any gripe about Sony as a company it is the level of
      reliance on the Playstation. In excess of 50% of the total
      company profit is way too high, even if it has been
      phenomenal to this point. Hopefully the new Playstation will
      kick ass.

      I have an all-Sony house, but in
      fairness, my wife builds TV's for them, so we get them

    • i couldnt have said it better myself.
      fafafoo go back to your mental hospital.

    • Every company including Phillips uses Competive
      Marketing advantages in
      new Product

      Your basic consumer could care less
      who holds the
      patent on a technology.

      If it works and it's
      priced right it sells....

      Go back to your Loser's
      Convention and spout of you irrevelant techno babble to
      people who give a sh*t.

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