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  • Dinty55 Dinty55 Oct 26, 1999 10:36 PM Flag

    SONY has lousy customer service in USA

    Keep 'em honest....I'm sure somebody in SNE (USA)
    Investor Relations reads these boards. Nice day today, but
    Nikei headed down tonite (tomorrow) looks like. SNE may
    fall a couple points too, herew in US. My NTT has also
    been doing nicely, hit new high.


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    • the_ground_hog_and_the_fox the_ground_hog_and_the_fox Oct 31, 1999 5:03 PM Flag

      I am happy as a clam with my SONY stock and the
      new laptop SONY Viao. I probably will end up about
      any attachment they have (they do not have DVD
      palayes and deivices that allow me to record from radio
      in MP3 format and the hard drive is only 9... G, I
      want 50 G).
      However, Customer service sucks.
      the day the laptop arrived (one week late according
      to their ads, ship in 7 days) I eagerly installed my
      software (one of them a 20 G flipdrive, I need space). The
      computer crashed and I could not recover it (I am the
      first to admit that I am a pretty smart coocky when it
      comes to computers). I called the SONY help number and
      Bran told me that I would have to pay something like
      430 box for 10 minutes or so of help because the
      problem was cause d by third party software (what do they
      think I do with my computer, run SONY
      Anyhow I am ready to pay for anything SONY offers, they
      have great products (and by the way I bought lots of
      Philips stock tooo when the company was ready to go belly
      up in 1990, but I do not buy Philips products,
      except for that flat bigh TV) but I am not ready to get
      insulted by Brian of customer service. When I asked Brian
      to get his supervisor, I did not get a superviser
      (Brian said that his supervisor wouldn't like it). When
      I( finally told Brian it's OK, just tell me to
      reinstall the system from scratch and to reformat the hard
      drive he apparently needed a specialist (and I gor 20
      minutes of elevator music before I hung up -- apparently
      all you have to do is boot up via CD rom with the CD
      rom that comes with it).
      Conclusion: SONY customer
      service sucks. Charching money on the day the computer
      comes to fix a problem to the owner of the company who
      wants to buy whatever VIAO has to offer is adding
      injury to insult.

      Also: I only bought the VIAO
      because of the extensive adds in PC magazine (they
      convinced me that this is the slickest laptop to buy). The
      November issue (this is the issue that gets us ready for
      the Sant Nick sales) does not carry these adds
      anymore. It does have an add on the 505 Digital Still
      camera (I will buy it, don't worry), but to add more
      insult I have to pay $4.95 for thye shipping of a
      broachure describing the nice things I can buy (and will

      SONY: you have great products, but your customer
      support and advertising is all wrong. And as an owner of
      the company, please do me a favor and firte Brian at
      customer support.

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