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  • justasgreedy justasgreedy Dec 2, 1999 11:06 PM Flag

    Sony has...

    You tout that Philips is a major provider of
    light bulbs and sources.

    Edison invented the
    use of an incandescent filament in light bulbs. Wah
    Chang of China is a major supplier of Tungsten
    worldwide. Glass has been in existance since ancient times.
    Crookes' did extensive work with electrical discharges and
    is remembered for the "Crookes discharge
    tube"--(flourescent tubes operate under this principle). Development
    of electrical feedthroughs for glass has been
    ongoing since the middle 1800's.

    Lenz discovered
    electromagnetic inductance, eventually leading to the invention
    of the transformer. Westinghouse pioneered the AC
    distribution system eventually bringing electricity into every
    home. Without a convenient supply of electricity none
    of the light bulbs will work.

    "Philips is
    once again profiting from the works of many, enjoy the
    stock price based on the works of others..."

    All new products (inventions) are dependent on prior
    knowledge and prior work done by others, directly or
    indirectly. You have to know the past to predict the

    Happy investing, and I wish you all a wonderful holiday


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