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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 6, 1999 6:12 PM Flag

    Sony has...

    the world did not start 110 years ago...BUT the
    majority of inovations and ideas DID happen in the mid
    1800's, to the early 1900's...most things electrical ,
    mechanical...previous to the great era of invention, mostly farming and
    merely survial, then the great thinkers in Germany, and
    the rest of Europe, things happened very quickly, and
    in the U.S.....checkout the facts, about what TRUE
    inovations and discoverys have come from companys like
    Philips, GE, Siemens...and some of the amazing thinkers
    they had in their employe. Nobody has yet come up with
    any Sony inventions. Yet off the top of my head
    several are very obvious from Philips. Laser Optical
    recording (laserdisce), Compact Fluorescent lamp,devloped
    tri-band phosphor, for much improved color rendering
    lamps, Sodium Lamp(SOX), Comb Filter for tv's,CCD
    devices,Fluke Scope Meter(Fluke and PTMI were partners in test
    and measuring products, till Fluke took it all over)
    Infra Red remote control, RC5 standard used by most
    brands, Shadow mask CRT, Delta Modulation, ..the list is
    impressive..Siemens is the worlds largest installed base of turbine
    electric generators, without which Playstations don't
    work....GE is up there with turbines...Name a Sony
    invention, any thing please...pretty hard to come up with
    any, for such an important company, it sure is
    disapointing...the world did not begin with Playstations, but it may
    be it's downfall....TiVo by Philips is another of
    the slickest products yet developed. Notasony.

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