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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Nov 19, 1999 6:34 PM Flag

    Sony has...

    playstations, dopey video games, while Philips
    has TiVo/Personal TV...another amazing inovation...up
    to 14 hours of recording or even DVD quality with
    less time...all Digital....damn those Philips guys are soon will Sony copy this one....and try to
    convince the consumer they developed it? Philips is the
    largest CRT maker, largest TV maker, largest lighting
    company...Sony is number one in WHAT?...I compare them as a
    glorifed hype, glorifed products with no
    real merit or's all marketing, not
    inventions or creativity...without new ideas companys 20 years Sony will be in dire straights, nothing
    new to sell..the SACD is based on Philips work....of
    course dumb consumers right away see the first one out,
    Sony..they must have invented it....the universal machines
    are due out from PHG as is a DVD recorder next
    year....Sony is still trying to sell minidisc...the Philips CD
    recorder is outselling it big time....they are now
    licensing it to other makers..Mini Disc is gone...the
    market hype jazzed up dopey consumers into buying that
    crap, they will regret the day they bought it...CD
    recorders will come down in price, and dominate digital
    recording for music. Philips is the 3rd largest supplier of
    discrete semi conductors, while the 8th largest overall in
    chips and discrete products, where is Sony in the list?
    Sony could even be taken over by Matsushita when
    things get bad....long live TULIP power.

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    • a well thinking beeing and , a pathological
      polemist as you are , shouldn`t give a sh*t if someone
      gives a opinion even if it isn`t asked for : in fact
      thats the whole idea of the word OPINION . but i hope
      you expectected me to think and reply this

      if YOU DO respect and honour the `americanos` way of
      FREESPEECH try

      3.5K) : BROUGHT TO YOU BY the most PHILantropic and
      altruistic company of the world : alowing everybody to
      benefit from their inventions PHILIPS.

      just got to love your deterministic vieuw of the word.
      Quote : ` if philips did not invented these things
      someone else would have invented them in a short order `

    • I kinda lump them together since they are
      similar, pioneers in the electrical revolution of the
      1800's, which continues into the 90's with their
      expertise. At one time PHG was the largest. GE has done a
      masterful job at becoming the worlds richest company. They
      do make more money than any company in the
      world..gonna do $10 Billion PROFIT in 99'. Siemens also
      supplys the blue LED to VW for the slick blue dash
      illumination. I think Philips is the MOST inventive out of the
      three though. Sony is not involved in any suppling of
      auto components are they?...they do make video games
      though. Philips bought out the faltering WestingHouse
      lamp division years ago, it saaved many people's jobs.
      Of course it did expand the U.S. market base. BUT
      even without WestingHouse buyout they were ALWAYS the
      worlds largest lighting company. WhereAs Sony was not
      even in the movie business before buying's like they were seeing what they could try and do
      for new business. Of course it faltered for many
      years, almost a complete failure, it has turned around
      though. They were counting on "vertical" integration,
      controlling the source of movies, for the VCR and tv hardware
      products. But Philips was already into that decades before
      with their Polygram operation(worlds largest recorded
      music company, now part of Segram/Universal). So once
      again Philips was there FIRST, in the vertical
      integration strategy. PhiliShave is also the worlds largest
      seller in electric razors, has been for
      decades..Norelco, here for us U.S. beards. Sony is not in domestic
      appliances are they? Sony seems to have a very limited
      porfolio of expertise. Why not "WalkPerson"?...gender
      nuetral. Now that product was a real breakthrough...a
      cassette player, based on Philips invention, only smaller
      than the previous portables, which existed, with
      battery power. Man, what kind of genius could have
      thought of that? And to this day it is touted as some
      great idea. What a propaganda machine, that has people
      styimed. Of course if the Germans did not develop magnetic
      recording tape (BASF), it would not be. Another non Sony
      idea. Notasony

    • TiVo is cool. Look who developed it. Tape VCR is dead. Every twenty years or so, "Let's make things Better".

    • If philips didn't invent these things, Seimens,
      GE or some other group would have invented them in
      short order. Throughout history, as new supporting
      technology becomes available, spurts of new, but similar
      inventions were made by several people within a short span
      of time.

      With the invention of the
      transistor and the following chip; radios, casette players,
      CD players, and most other electronic "appliances"
      became the target of miniaturization, Also, small hand
      held calculators and PC's became a reality inplace of
      "barn" sized eimacs.

      The growth of theairline
      industry became possible only with the advent of stronger
      and lighter structural materials, propellers, jet
      engine, safer fuel.

      The same applies with the
      discovery of electromagnetic waves for telecommunications,
      alternating current and inductance to the power system,
      Crookes and low pressure discharges, vacuum tubes, glass
      in optics, plastics in almost everything, fiber
      optics in communications, and many many more both major
      and minor. In every case, a spurt of new discoveries,
      designs, and inventions followed.

      I don't see how
      one company can seriously be touted as the best as
      Fafa is trying to do. Sony is in the entertainment
      business. People have always been willing to spend money
      for entertainment. They have always enjoyed music,
      the stage, mountain climbing, literature, voice,
      games, jokes, paintings ( I even recall seeing some done
      by Dutch painters; horrors, how could they have done
      such beautiful works without the illumination of PHG
      lamps?), and tulips, who would pay such exorbitant prices
      for a flower? The saying goes," All work and no play
      makes (fill in name) a bore.

      To me, Fafa seems
      to be a present or past PHG employee who is jealous
      to see newer, younger companies surpass PHG in net
      worth in a fraction of the time it took PHG.

      and many people on this board are investor/traders in
      SNE, and in my case, have done very well financially.
      I take issue with his pompous attitude and thought
      I'll just rebut some of his assertions.

      I spent
      many years in the electronics field, and even in
      design and manufacturing of UV and spectral sources. I
      am quite familiar with PHG's techinical excellence
      as well as those of other major concerns in Europe,
      but I was't aware of the swell headed sore loosers it
      also harboured. It shows a lack of social acumen to
      impose one's biased views on others, specially when its
      not asked for. I found the Dutch to be very
      businesslike, but also very graceful and tactful...but I guess
      there are exceptions.

      I have never been
      connected to SNE in any way axcept by ownership of its
      stock, but it makes me money and I sleep well at night
      and I respect their accomplishments.

      If you
      interlopers want to live in your land of makebelieve, do it
      on the PHG board. I'm quite sure the investors on
      the PHG board would not take it kindly if we started
      to flood annoying messages on their board.

      fellow SNE boarders: Sorry for the long boring
      discourse, but I just had to respond.



    • is sony going to use tivo
      and is aol getting involved with tivo

    • so got your attention....
      just info
      it`s about commerciallizing a new
      technology in its DEVELOPMENT FASE called : BLEU TOOTH
      for electrical apliances to be able to communicate ,
      based on altering radiofreqsignals . it`s now an `open
      source` technology witch was started by a
      erircson-labproject. by the way, the head of this project was a
      dutchman :genius(almost autistic) ex-philips

      - philips is the main semiconductors suplier for
      the telecom industry. and one of the major producers
      of electrical apliances . All of nokias and ericsons
      telephones depend on philips semiconductor technology ( they
      have developed europe`s GSM -standard .. u.s = cdma`)
      : ericsons need philips expertice to develop the

      justasgreedy : philips isn`t the beginning of
      ALL technology. but tell me how would the world look
      like without these philips inventions? :

      -first commercial video recorder:
      philips vcc-v2000, betamax , vhs
      - first cdplayer

      - first cdrom photo / cdr /cdrw
      - mpeg
      - etc etc etc: lightning , medical, semiconductor


      philips strengt is creative technological strengt. sony
      strengt the `hopefully` commercial economycal succes of
      the new playstationII : if you want to PLAY with your
      money go to las vegas ,or next year you will sleep at
      central STATION..??

    • I hear that PHG is "joining forces" with
      Ericsson. The expertise of OTHERS sure come in handy at

      And can you believe it? PHG is expanding its
      semiconductor operations! Does it involve transistors and chips
      which contains transistors? I hope next year someone
      else doesn't try to lay claim to Bardeen and
      Brattain's invention.


    • It's always interesting to read how you always
      group PHG with Siemens and GE. Can't you stand alone on
      your own merits? If PHG ceased to make light sources,
      Siemens and GE will have no trouble filling the hole. I
      also remember how PHG bought out the lamp operations
      of other companies to gain market share.


    • For one thing you should be using CFL types not
      incadescent lamps, which are obsolete...CFL's last, last,
      last, while cutting down engergy use..(PHG invention).
      If you think 10 years is a great acomplishmnet, you
      should have the highest respect for Philips, GE,
      Siemens, in excess of 110 years..Siemens is about 130
      years old....they were at the forefront of air almost!
      Philips incorporates other people's ideas...hmmmmm, thing
      is most of the ideas are theirs. Philips Technical
      Library, a large collection of some amazing developments
      over the years. The Philips Halogena' lamp has a 2
      year warranty, what lamp company does that, GE will
      I'm sure if it affects sales....Philips as the worlds
      largest lighting company, inovated so many lighting
      products, they are almost the source of light in the
      world...they have something like 38% of the world market, GE
      and Osram make up about the next 50%...the rest is
      left to the small specialty companys. Sony just works
      off the backs of everybody else, what have they added
      in the chain of new ideas. Prime Color(tri band)
      phospor was invented by Philips, which led to the better
      lamps, everybody now uses it. This came out of the tv
      crt developments they do. Still can't come up with a
      Sony idea, that started an entire product line?...No
      inventions made here at Sony. People will always need
      lighting products, they all have a finite's a
      good business to be in. Playstations are not
      needed...GE jet engines will always be needed, Playstations
      will not be. Siements turbines will be needed,
      Playstations will not. If Sony stopped making it's products,
      most would not feel the pinch. If GE, Philips, or
      Siemens do, the world would get very desperate for a
      replacement source of the stuff that is needed for a standard
      of living we are acustom to. Cell phone chips, is
      one of PHG bigger operations, they just signed a deal
      with Erricson, their chips are imbedded in most cell
      phones, even if the label on the front ain't
      Philips..they supply the worlds largest cell phone maker Nokia
      of Finland. Sony is not involved in the wireless,
      multi billion dollar business. But the do make video
      games. And make a portable cassette player, which seems
      to impress some....

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