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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Nov 29, 1999 7:37 AM Flag

    sony inventions

    The Transistor was in FACT used in a transistor
    radio First by REGENCY, Sony had their's out a bit LAbs should get
    retro active license fees for anything with a
    semiconductor....Bertain,Schokley, and the other guy get credit at Bell labs for the
    transistor..they formed Schokley Semi Conductor, which later
    formed into FairChild Semiconductor, which eventually
    led to Texas Instruments....the head guy at Intel,
    originally worked at FairChild with Bertain and
    Schokley,anything related to SemiConductor can be traced to it's
    start by BELL LABS....Sony's only work on the CD, which
    is an entire concept from PHILIPS, was the error
    correction ckts only....Philips' laseroptical recording was
    the first on the LaserDisc...the size, the entire
    format of CD is Dutch....a lot of work done in Briar
    Cliff labs in NY, by Philips. It's notasony. Even the
    plastic used for the first plastic radio, was in fact
    developed by some other company, not Sony.

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    • We don't care you dumbass ...
      We are investing
      in a company whose name represents quality and a
      company that is a solid investment. SNE is all that. What
      you trying to prove here is beyond me. Now crawl back
      to your own message board and stay there.

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