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  • kajagugu kajagugu Dec 9, 1999 5:09 PM Flag

    Sony - Best company in next millenium..

    In the last fortune magazine they counted out the
    top 10 companies to own for the next millenium. Sony
    was the the one in consumer electronics, mainly
    because of their huge market share (TV, DVD, Audio
    Systems) and their upcoming PS2 which many say will
    revolutionize the gaming, computer and entertainment

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    • I hate picking on someone's English on these
      boards, because quite frankly, I put little effort into
      spellin, correcting typos and sentence structure while
      quickly typing posts here.

      But in addition to all
      of the corrections that you noted, you overlooked
      one. He spelled "manufacturers" wrong (manufacurers)
      as well. Your point was well made though.

      see on checking in again today that MANY of the posts
      are from him again. What a waste of good historical
      drivel that might be appreciated, or at least might be
      deemed relevant, on another on-topic

      FLUNKY, do you never get the hint, or are you really a
      dummy, as accused? Study something besides PHG press
      releases and PHG corp. history books. Enter the PHG drivel
      on the PHG board where someone MIGHT

      GO SNE ...... AND PHG (I own them both)!!@!!

    • hy zephyrfrank
      i knew YOU would read this
      message, first:
      - it takes more brainpower to
      understand a word, sentence , text , context or philosofy
      then knowing how to spell.
      - it takes then again
      more brainpower , to generate any thoughts.

      can not acuse you for having any of them .instead of
      that : try to be glad there are some people who are
      willing to give you an opinion witch CAN change your
      mind, it might safe you some money !
      try to
      understand the text , discus with arguments or make insults
      BUT do not go bitching about `mizspelt worts`.

      ms kinderkarten nanny

    • You are correct sir...I be a dumby. It's from
      playing too many pLayStation. I gots to get some PHILIPS
      speech recognition software, so my computer will do what
      I say, not what my fingers do. A Sony internet
      bank? Many banks in Japan have folded and taken peoples
      money with it.

    • too much time here for Lord knows what reason?
      Give iot up. Kaja',...I have shown that to FAFA many
      times before. I own PHG too, so I like them both...I
      know not why he wastes so much time here?!

      just saw this link to SNE writeup from mid- day
      Saturday I think (GO SNE !!!):
      The Coming Week In Asia:
      Sony Plans Corporate Stocking Stuffer -- an Internet

    • PHG has only started trading since June?.....have
      you just arrived at the NYSE since being released?
      PHG has been an ADR since before SNE ever
      existed.....You may be confused because they did change their
      Corp name in the Royal
      honor bestowed on QUALITY Dutch companys, that have
      passed a landmark in value, long time in Royal Dutch Shell, KLM Royal Dutch's a Dutch thing. If you think SNE is making you
      money figure out how much you lost, by not being in a MAX on GE versus SNE.....don't cry too
      hard....PHG is expected to hit about $150 shortly....When SNE
      toys, PlayStations, My First Sony,etc. flaunders, be
      ready to bailout....if you got in on PHG at 9 years
      back, I would dare say, it has done me beter than
      SNE....Do a MAX chart

    • In tv's...PHILIPS is the worlds largest
      maker/seller of TV's.....RCA brand is the biggest brand in the
      U.S., PHILIPS is #2 in the U.S....what huge market
      share are you talking about? PlayStation 2...what the
      hell is it gonna's a useless VIDEO
      GAME....more marketing BS, to Audio?....what ship brought you
      to this planet?

      • 1 Reply to FAFAFLUNKY99
      • What would you rather own a Sony Vega or an RCA
        TV? What backwards planet do you live on? Just a
        video game? Get the facts straight man. You have no
        vision. Think about the possibilities.

        Interactive, Set-top box.....
        Who cares if Phillips is the
        innovator. If they can't market the product, they lose the

        Who cares about what Phillips does
        Marketing is EVRYTHING !!!! Get a brain and you might learn
        that some day. if you market right, you get market
        share, you make revenues, you make money for your
        shareholders. Don't correct me again before you think about
        this at least twice.

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