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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 13, 1999 10:56 AM Flag

    American Analyst

    has NOTHING to say!...what a useless website...quit the spam..this junk shows up on all the pages...

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    • just read the url, sly_scicoliny

      netherlands have the lowest percentage of: heroin
      weed smokers
      percentage of people in
      murders per citizins
      people on wellfare
      numbers say it all!

      we in the netherlands think :

      beeing poor , using drugs , having a no sence of
      `reality` is a disease. it is better to help those poeple ,
      then to let crooked cops put half the nation in yail.
      inform think before sprending biaed views.

    • i agree the U.S.A is realy a :
      great, powerful
      , beautiful , divers etc `country` . i have been
      there many times. but it doesnt make YOU great if you
      live in it.

      i hate to say it but you started
      bashing the
      netherlands , without even realizing what
      is going on in your country.
      so it is very
      natural if you act like a stereotype american: talking
      loudy saying the u.s.a is the greatest etc (while you
      worked in the netherlands ) , the DUTCH respond to you
      the way you deserve. It is not becaues we are
      nationalistic or hate americans , it is because you have no
      manners or are to superficial to realize you can not act
      that way.

      jake schmitz, you sound like a real
      fanatic patroit, quote :`just a bunch of
      socialists/communist sprinkled with a bit of fascist and anti-semites`
      .......what are you????, do live in alaska defending your
      property against the wooshy clinton/communist gouvernement
      . it is all a plan of those damm commies /iraqies
      ,i tell you.

      WHAT IS GOOING ON WITH SONY , 19% HIGH. ( but a low
      volume ,so no big guys are driving the price. what is it

    • Wrong again....New Zealand is one of the finer
      countrys...Nationalistic?...and the Japanese ain't?....they throw some goofy
      "tradition" in your face anytime something should be done in
      a different way. Philips has many plants in the
      Netherlands.....Almelo, wehre they make Analytical X-ray systems, Medical
      Systems is in another the Almelo plant,
      FLUKE test instruments took over PTMI(Philips Test and
      Measuring ) a few years ago, they make the FLUKE ScopeMeter
      there. it was originally another PHILIPS product and
      invention, it is now jsut branded FLUKE....Do you remeber
      Ann Frank..the Diary of?...Do you know who hid her
      and her family...I think her name was MEEP...a Dutch
      citizen, who put herself at risk, to save the Jewish
      people....Philips also has some lightin plants in the Netherlands,
      you are uninformed, and basicly clueless. They also
      have about 7 plants in Mexico, as does SOny and RCA
      and many other companies, with plants in
      Mexico...Philips tv sets are still made in TENN(the 27" and above)
      for the U.S. Canada market..Philips has plants in 66
      countries...they have closed down a lot, due to "over
      capacity"...they want to be down to about 177, rather than about
      240 round' the world...Sony wishs it had that massive
      a manufacturing base....employing a lot of people,
      in the local market.
      where are the PlayStations
      assembled? PlayLand?

    • The only good thing that ever came out of Holland
      was.....well I can't think of anything. They do have a nice
      "Royal" drug park in Amsterdam were one can go and shoot
      up without being hassled by the police.

      you a disgruntled former "Royal" Sony employee. You
      sound like one. Couldn't hack it huh?

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