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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 17, 1999 5:50 PM Flag

    Dutch intelligence

    The fact that they are very liberal in stuff that
    doesn't make eveyrbody a criminal like in the
    U.S....shows their superior intellect. Drugs are tolerated, the U.S. everything has a rule..don't do it. In
    the Netherlands they drink before 21, so by the time
    they are 21, it ain't no thrill, there are LESS drunks
    and car the U.S..since they tell you not
    to, the youths want to do it...same for drugs and
    prostitution....I nver met a person from the
    Netherlands I
    didn't admire and like...they generally talk several
    languages, have a superior intelligence and worldy is a neat country. Whereas in Japan, they are
    highly regulated and non thinkers, they just follow the original thought!

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    • I was in the air today, took a good look at the
      United Airlines magazine. I was amazed at Sony's
      presence in producing thin notebook laptops, projectors,
      etc. They were by far the most prominent advertiser
      for upscale electronics products and, also, their
      digital cameras are top of the line. I don't think a soft
      pillow will be necessary, but thanks for the
      consideration. I also think they are behind the Kyocera handset
      deal with Qualcomm as perhaps the third-party. I am
      also long Nokia. My top performers have been SNE, QCOM
      and NOK. I don't own Motorola and I recently bought
      into Philips. I feel PHG is quickly gaining more
      influence back into the US market, as they dropped off
      there for a while, my understanding it they faltered a
      bit in the semi-conductor business, but are quickly
      gaining back. I also like NXTL but that is a totally a
      horse of a different color. They do not use GSM nor
      CDMA, but TDMA with the Direct Connect service, but,
      for what they do, this is the technology that works
      best in that scenario. I think all of these companies
      will be instrumental holdings. I am hearing very good
      things about Philip's in DVD and in its ventures with
      MSFT. WebTV will be big and those set tops will bring
      much revenue to PHG as well as their partners in this
      venture. Good luck with PHG and have a Merry Christmas.

    • it amuses me the emotional knee-jerking going on
      on this board. maybe someone can read into this that
      owning both sne and fafa is a possibility, and that
      maybe there are virtues in both companies, making them
      both world-class companies worth owning ? i'm getting
      a lot of amusemnt from this board, but not a lot of
      quality comments....sort of reminds me of the the
      cleveland browns vs. the pitt. steelers..except this is a
      stock, and not a football team. buying a stock does not
      mutually exclude owning something else. i own sne, but can
      make some arguments that now is good time to be
      cautious in putting in more money. wiat for a pullback.

    • NOOOOO...but they do have their LCD display
      panels in the space shuttle, and fighter jets, and their
      AIRPAX division (recently sold)...does make components
      that control 747 jets, so that one can travel the's notasony.....PHG does make it a brighter the largest lighting company in the world...when
      the SNE balloon bursts....hope you can take
      it....while the steady train of PHG keeps chugging along,
      upward and upward. With such brillant products as
      Playstation, I'm sure there is a great future at SNE.....with
      PHG electron microscopes(FEI) and medical
      systems...PHG sure does make it a healthier planet, does SNE
      actually benefit the human condition...with anything other
      than mind numbing games...they don't seem to be
      involved in any real scientific equipment. Like analytical
      x-ray, (they did analyze other planets, moon rock),
      medical imagining, even in Canada they have ATM
      machines...SNE does have Playstation though...quite an
      achievement. At one time even had tv transmitters, sold off
      broadcast quite some time ago, DTV is a different
      division...Playstation, it's our future........NOT.

    • they do make ct and mriscans, so doctors can examen your brain

    • philips created the earth, no wait, our solar system,no no no, they invented our galaxy, no no no, they created the entire universe!

      Sarcasim button turned off.

    • SNE is very saturated into other key elements.
      Did you know they are into Qualcomm's CDMA
      technology, on-line trading industry in Japan, not to mention
      other aspects. They are a bit fragmented actually, but,
      now that is okay in my opinion. I hear the digital
      television sets are still a bit pricey, but the big screens
      are doing a big business. They have a line called
      Wago that is not able to keep up with demand for the
      television set production and is actually backordered for
      Xmas deliveries. Not to mention, Playstation II.
      Again, I think Philips definitely has a strong presence,
      but the two of these companies are awesome. Both
      should be a core holding in everyone's portfolio. Wow!
      Did you see what SNE closed at today! I hope you are
      long on both SNE and PHG. I am!

    • Guess who sells all the stuff that goes into
      NOKIA cell phones....?....yup..PHG.....they had a bad
      time doing the Lucent?Philips debacle...LU couldn't
      get the products out the door on time...PCC, threw in
      the towel...Philips went back on their own (PCC)..and
      now it's doing good, without Lucent....they are going
      for 10% of cell business sets..even though all their
      chips are in all the competition's...GSM is the world
      wide standard....NOKIA is the biggest, they use
      PHILIPS components!!! of course...again...notasony....the
      bigger this balloon gets, the bigger the burst is gonna
      be...Playstations alone do not support this price....hope you guys
      have a BIG SOFT pillow for the fall.....

    • You're an ass. The 99 is probably how much more your ass weighs than Bababooey's.

    • At one point in the day yesterday the charts are
      saying that Sony dropped 100 points, then it sprang
      right back up. I think it was 210 to 110 then back to
      210. Was this just a mistake with the charts, or did
      someone make a mistake and sell actually sell at

    • Breath some of this over to Philips as I am now
      long on both SNE and PHG. Pleazzzzzz! Both are great
      in my opinion and PHG will soon get the buzz. I am
      more up on it for its WEBTV with MSFT as those settops
      will be very big and Philips is the company that will
      push that market IMHO! Good holidays to

      P.S. I am also long QCOM and all I can say is "wow!"
      Different deal there, as it is CDMA that rules that stock's
      progress. Today they will announce handset sale after 10:30
      -I am so hoping it is Nokia, but even Sony would be
      okay. Who cares, just keep treating me good and it has.

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