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  • lovlee_1999 lovlee_1999 Dec 24, 1999 9:40 AM Flag


    Sony is much more than electronics,
    investors/analysts consider SNE a vital part of the whole internet

    ..."-- Sony Corp. (SNE: news, msgs) rose for the ninth
    day in a row, up 1440 yen, or 6.7 percent, to a
    record closing high of 23,090. "The Internet is big, and
    investors consider Sony as an Internet company not just a
    maker of consumer electronics," said Masayoshi Sato, an
    equity manager from Kankaku Securities."

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    • Many of teh items needed were developed and
      perfected at PHILIPS LABS....they perfected and developed
      the infra red coating used inside of SOX lamps (Low
      Pressure Sodium) which they introdued in 1932,this is the
      science used in Halogen lamps from others to increase
      eficacy they invented SODIUM LIGHTING...which led to GE
      developing HPS lamps (GOLDEN WHITE) as opposed to LPS which
      is MonoChromatic YELLOW,
      LPS is STILL the most
      efficient commercially available light source.....over 200
      lumens per watt!...BUT it is pure yellow, best for
      street lighting, and for fog and rain driving, no glare
      back, due to the lack of BLUE wavelength...they
      INVENTED it...the TUNGSTEN filament lamp was done first
      bytwo AUSTRIAN sceintists 1903...1907 squirted tungsten
      lamps were being year later PHILIPS
      started production...they were there when it all
      BEGAN....SNE...not even a thought yet, didn't EXIST, neither did the
      guy MORITA...he wasn't even born yet!!!!Get the book
      called "History of Light and Lighting...3222 635 08461
      from Internation Lighting Review..on the PHILIPS through the history of
      ANY developments,
      there is no SONY, only GE,OSRAM, PHILIPS and many other didn't exist!

    • by: justasgreedy
      Without the visible light
      tranmission of glass, without filaments, without feed
      throughs, without electricity, ALL notaphilips, ALL
      discovered way before PHG came into existance,
      NONE..ZERO..ZILCH of PHGs lamps would work.

      PHG just
      "borrowed" the earlier discoveries of OTHERS.


    • They did develop one character, it is their start
      to greatness, Mickey Mouse....see, even the
      faltering lately, Disney invented something! Theme parks
      were indeed around before Disney, but they din't have
      THE MOUSE. Aa walkman from SNE was merely a PHG
      cassette player....which portable versions already
      existed, I had one...oddly it was labeld GE but inside had
      ckt boards from PHG..I recognize them from the part
      numbering sequences from my previous life with
      PHILIPS...Disney also made one of the first full length CARTOON
      motion pictures....they also had one of the FIRST color
      TV broadcasts, the WONDERFUL WORLD OF DISNEY, using
      PHILIPS/NORELCO cameras, in the 60's. At about that time Sony was
      still a Gnat on a bull's behind. Still trying to become
      soemthing more than a dream...

    • Actually they are called "lamps", the bulb is the
      glass surrounding the filament. PHG still is the worlds
      largest seller and maker of lighting products, by about
      $1 Billion over the GE titan of every is a VERY profitable product line..both at GE and the worlds alrgest Fluorscent lamp factory
      (Kansas), they make like 6,000 lamps an hour (TL
      type)...that is about 2 lamps a second, high speed machinery,
      that may be faster than candy bars! As far as lighting
      the PHILIPS brand is the world's widest know , GE is
      way up there, there is a world outside of the
      U.S...the unknown brand OSRAM (Siemens div) #3 in the's notasony...without light, nothing could get done
      after the sun goes down...GE, PHG, OSRAM controls life
      after dark...SNE NEEDS them...not the other way around!

    • Want another classic mistake from PHG? These
      amazing lightbulbs that never die, and are guaranteed to
      last two years (???) - they only cost a few cents
      So while GE makes a ton of money on returning
      customers and huge manufacturing margins, PHG once again
      made things better for us the consumers, but screwed
      their bottom line.
      I bought a 10 pack of PHG light
      bulbs a year ago, and have used only about half - which
      went to replace bad GE bulbs.

      I said it before
      and I'll say it again. MARKETING !!! Brand awareness,
      market share, SWOT models, segment targeting, product
      positioning and others - that's what makes a company sell
      more. Making things better never did PHG any good....

    • Where do you get information like this? I am starved for some real news and comments about SNE and it's performance in Japan.


    • I always enjoyed your posts.

      Sony's high
      definition digital cameras are selling well, ....and can you
      believe it?... it's

      Happy investing.


      • 1 Reply to justasgreedy
      • but it IS...CCD technology was developed in the
        late 60's by Bell LABS(now LU) and Philips working not
        together, Bell Labs got most of the credit...(they beat
        Philips to the patent office)....this page proves most
        investor have no clue who did what, and they drive a stock
        to highs that make no sense.....when it bursts...I
        will laugh......Playstation, complete
        uselessness......the space shuttle and jet planes all use PHG
        displays, maybe they should install some
        playstations.....SNE is irrelevant in teh creation of new products
        that make the human experience history,
        READ, LEARN..this stock price is based on NOTHING of least GE stock price has meaning!!!!

    • What has SNE done for teh internet?'s a
      hoax, who are these EXPERTS spouting nonsense...maybe
      they own a lot ofSNE, gotta do something to drive it
      up.....As in name one invention from SNE name something
      they did for the is everybody devoid
      of information?....Go to GE see the latest NEWS...GE
      gets ANOTHER JAapnese with Citigroup.
      and the Biggest BAnk in the WORLD (GERMAN) not
      Japanese....Deutsche Bank...again notasony...SNE gets into banking
      LOOKOUT....what do they know about it, that hasn't already
      FAILED....Please tell me what SNE did for the
      interent......Philips and Sony make set top boxes...that did not
      develop the internet....Philips is also the worlds 2nd
      largest maker of set top boxes for tv, digital tv, pay
      services in motels etc etc...SNE ain't even in that

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