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  • npmonad npmonad Dec 30, 1999 10:19 AM Flag

    What the deal is?

    On 12-02-99,I gave my 10yr old 900 bucks to
    invest with the thought that it would be educational and
    maybe profitable someday. I figured he would select
    some dog like Disney or WWF. When he chose Sony, based
    solely on the fact that he likes Playstation games, I
    assumed he was going to kiss his 900 goodbye when the 178
    a share hiflier dropped like a rock...Boy was I

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    • What you said: "Everybody has their own ideas of
      what is important, thing is some are incorrect and
      other are correct...."

      What you mean: Everybody
      has their own ideas of what is important, thing is
      that I, Flunky the Great One, know which are incorrect
      and which are correct because I watch the Learning
      Channel which I decree as the absolute authority on all

      That's great Flunky, keep watching TV. After all most
      experts agree that TV is not a "mind numbing, paralyzing
      influences with no socially redeeming value".

      Bill Gates may not have grown up in video games but
      the current generation of e-commerce and internet
      leaders did grow up on video games and they are setting
      the world on fire.


    • are the ones who serve you BreakFast at
      McDonalds..the ones running GE and inventing stuff at Philips
      labs are finishing school and becoming educated in
      business and finance. Even at least attending Harvard,
      then dropping Bill Gates....he is in his
      early 40's..he grew up on I Dream of Genie, Three
      Stooges, Dennis the Menace...Ozzie and Harriet
      Show....Elvis, Beatles...all creative diversions, whereas Video
      Games are mind numbing, paralyzing influences with no
      socially redeeming least MUSIC gave people
      ideas to THINK about, as in the Social Issues with
      Music of Bob Dylan and Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield,
      all stars in the 60's and 70's...PlayStation is mind
      numbing....The people who will run GE in the next 20 years are
      already employed by GE now..they recruit from within, and
      promote internally...which is why Jack Welch, named
      GREATEST MANAGER of the CENTURY, is so good...he worked
      his way up through many different divisions of GE,
      learning the company...he also has a PHD in Chemical
      Engineering...he did not play video games, neither will his
      minions. Actually electric LIGHTING was just voted in the
      top 10 inventions of the 20th century, tonight on TLC
      cable station, no mention of video games!!!! Everybody
      has their own ideas of what is important, thing is
      some are incorrect and other are
      correct....PlayStation did not improve the human experience, the
      electric light DID!....

    • And so did every other heterosexual....and that
      was probably done on an RCA or Magnavox(Philips)
      tv...much better looking and NORMAL than dealing with Alien
      Invaders!!!!!Barbara Eden still looks fine...she really was a genie,
      she was a few thousand years old in the show, she
      never does age! Philips did not invent that!

    • Should have gave your son 9000!! TOO bad!! By the
      way, how old is your son? Just keep in mind they our
      the next generation and they are not entirely
      clueless on what is gonna be hot for the next generation!!

    • Yup...all SNE investors should take advice from 10 year olds......

    • just one week move to 100 points....
      unbelievable and unbeatable company.

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