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  • npmonad npmonad Dec 31, 1999 10:01 AM Flag

    Re: Fafaflunky99's Observations

    Dear Fafa,
    My own research reveals you
    initiated your rage filled coverage of Sony on this board
    on 10-27-99...While you were spewing forth all of
    that History of Electronics 101, the bulk of this
    board was doubling their investment...Don't get me
    wrong, I find your commentary entertaining...What other
    companies do you hate?

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    • Hate? use words poorly, you misunderstand
      facts, commentary, observations.....that word now
      surrounds anybody's opinions, observations, it's the 90's
      kind of thing, a way to get around real facts versus
      emotional drival....guess what? It's gonna be 2000 in a few
      hours..perhaps facts can be esposed without it being considered
      an emotion. Playstations have certainly NOT improved
      the process of thinking. As the scientists at
      research labs create the next great thing, keep doing
      Playstation...what's the next great game to come out...Alien Monsters
      IPO? With all that research, have you been able to
      find any invention by this fine company?

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      • ..... don't you get it FAFA?

        Brand name
        recognition, market share, and all the other Marketing
        concepts are what counts.

        I thank PHG engineers
        (for not playing PlayStation all day and) for actually
        inventing amazing products for SNE to sell to the whole

        SNE didn't invent the audio tape. But they figured
        out a way for people to jog in Central Park while
        listening to their favorite music on their WalkMan.
        didn't invent the CD format. But they figured out a way
        for all those joggers to throw away their WalkMan and
        buy another SNE product - the DiscMan.
        SNE didn't
        invent the TV. But they figured out how to sell millions
        of TVs all over the world and to capitalize on names
        like Trinitron and Wega.
        SNE didn't invent the
        video game. But they figured out how to sell 7 Million
        PlayStations to hardcore gamers everywhere (who will throw it
        out next year to buy the PS2).

        I could go on
        and on with hundreds of products. So what did SNE

        Loyal customers, good (not the best - okay?) products
        and amazing marketing. That's what SNE invented. And
        that's no small achievement in this day and age.

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