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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Dec 31, 1999 4:31 PM Flag

    Re: Fafaflunky99's Observations

    BOSE is the absoulute best at convincing the
    buyer they have a real speaker. Brand
    recognition?...Mention a hi fi speaker system, the average dolt will say
    BOSE!.....They are terrible and grosslly lows
    no highs, must be Bose....peopel buy em' by the
    millions...even in Japan it's the biggest seller! I have a few of
    their products, and I have a real system in another
    room...checkout speakers
    available, and priced for an example, Blows
    speakers AM-5 series, a big seller..the woofer in the bass
    module is availabe for $14.95 and that is from a retail
    supply had the Blows part number for
    reference...the system retails for $600!...profit ain't the
    word...the cabinets on BOSE are garbage...he is the master
    marketeer. And you know what? Both Akiro Morita and Dr. Bose
    came from MIT.....that must be the greatest marketing
    school, even though they are a technology school! Morita
    got educated at MIT, he sure did learn all about how
    to sell to dopey Americans...SNE tv's are not in any
    kind of quantiys like PHG..which is the worlds largest
    maker and seller of TVs...about 10 years ago Philips
    passed the 100 Million set sold!!! Sony wishes they had
    that kind of sales. 300 Million Philishaves..(Norelco
    here) since it was invented in 1932, largest seller of
    electric shavers...PHG can invent and SELL...They sold
    over 2.5 Billion Incandescant all the
    Fluorescant, Sodium, Metal Halide, and one
    year...they maek and sell more lamps than anybody! Sony is a
    sales leader in no one product...Panasonic is
    though...The turtle won the race, slow and steady. Not spikes
    for a few weeks, then a large slide...that is
    gambling, not investing.

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    • for your PHG (I own it too and I'll take it for
      sure....) but I MUCH prefer SNE's 158% gain over same
      period. EOM/EOStory. The rest of your posts are
      interesting trivia, but apparently notnearly as relevant to
      investors as you'd like to believe.


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