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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Jan 13, 2000 8:08 PM Flag

    CD Recorder

    How come Sony has none?....Philips owns the
    market(fastest selling consumer electronics product ever)...a
    few others are coming on board with some,
    KenWood, Sony.....but all will pay the creator,
    royaltys..that's why it's call ROYAL PHILIPS, everybody pays them
    ROYALTYS....perusing the Sony Annual Report, they ahve a rather
    mundane line of products, it's all consumer throw
    aways...where is the commercial industrial,
    medical,semiconductors, the Annual Reprot looks like a glorified Radio
    Shack catalog...where as with a GE or PHG reprot, ther
    is all kinds of heavy duty high end products, for
    Industry, Medical, and some conusmer stuff thrown in...did
    you know the Philips Annual Reprot about to be
    released, has been awarded best of Europe out of something
    like 400 top European companies, they do publish a
    high quality also shows PHILIPS actually
    makes more money percentage wise on a lesser gross
    sales...sooooo Philips makes more money than they
    increase market share, they will be back as the numeral
    uno, in consumer electronics...5 years, they beat MC
    and SNE...but I don't think they will get into video
    games, as the population ages, who wants to be using
    that useless stuff? I predict 5 years PlayStation is a
    dead product...FAFA is ALWAYS right, didn't I say SNE
    will drop big time?...YUP.

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    • Another reason SNE will drop is that it does not
      make light bulbs. We all know that light is
      indispensable to human activity. The company that brings light
      to humanity will control the world. All companies
      that do not make lightbulbs will crumble and perish.

      Now excuse me while I go inhale some more mind
      altering substances...

      • 1 Reply to beraysheet
      • the source of LIFE...without light, there can be
        no life....that is a fact ofnature....GE, and
        PHILIPS know this, GE is the MOST money making company in
        the world....they are only #2 in teh world of light,
        Philips is #1...between both of them, they light the
        world...without them, we will still be using fire in our
        caves...even Siemens knows this as their OSRAM #3 in
        the world....but of course they also don't make video there you have 3 of the worlds largest corp...and
        none of them do anything like PlayStation, yet they
        provide EVERYTHING needed for human Existence....medical,
        commercial,components for autos, consumer products, electrical power
        generation, heath care, financial, but they seem to think the
        world does not need PlayStation....analyze these 3
        giants, and you will see, they are correct! As the
        population ages, they ain't sitting around doing
        PlayStation, video games are as dead as the 80' lame is
        it, trying to get points by blowing up some Alien, or
        boxing some half witted character(based on real
        life?)...smelling tulips makes more sense...watching a windmill
        spin makes more sense...the Dutch were one of the
        original thinkers about harnassing WIND, to produce
        products...the original enviormental thinkers, wind doesn't
        pollute, they figured that out long long time ago...

    • FAFA - Again you don't have a clue. That stupid
      CD-R box that Philips makes (great commercials though)
      is a pile of junk. Who wants another huge box that
      copies CDs? Sony make the best CD-RWs for personal
      computers. Outselling HP Surewriter and all the other
      coaster makers. And guess what? You can make music CDs,
      and Data CDs, and Kodak Imaging CDs and even copies
      of Playstation CDs!

      Stop playing down the
      importance of Sony products, because you are way out of your
      league again.
      Do you know what a huge market there is
      for MiniDiscs? Does Royal Philips have an MD
      solution, or anything close? Did you go into the Sony
      website and see their new MP3 player? Take a look at what
      cool design looks like

      And as for the Royal in Royal Philips. It's my guess
      that it stand for either the blue blood of the snobs
      like you who promote PHG relentlessly. Or it could
      stand for you being a Royal Pain in the

      If FAFA is always right - how come there are over 70
      million Playstations worldwide with over 3000 titles to
      chose from? Dead in 5 years? Maybe the first-gen PS,
      and the PS2 - because in five years we will see PS3
      with capabilities overlapping multiple SGI Reality
      Engines - in Real Time.

      See you in five years with
      your CRTs and lightbulbs. I'll send a bunch of tulips
      as condolence for your lousy predictions...

      • 1 Reply to kajagugu
        something like that , yes its like a sportcompetition :

        are you a fan , a gambler or booky ?. how about those
        bulls he? : to bad betting at 270$ for sne was a
        mistake. you lost ,cut the crap and stop chearing for
        sony. why is it you like sony besides you have bet
        money on it.
        or are you a silly chearleader, bet
        you fucked the captain of the team :`mr ceo sne is
        overvalued` , was he good or did he fucked you , OH I FORGOT
        HE DID FUCKED YOU .wasn`t nice he?.

        if your chearing is based on your financial intrest
        , keep on chearing good luck, you need it. but if
        someone tells your chearing for your `team` is bad do not
        say your `team` suckes more.

        sucky sucky 270$
        or 190$?

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