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  • awaken2651 awaken2651 Mar 1, 2000 1:01 AM Flag

    Split Info

    Is this baby gonna split soon? I'm searching for
    info about a split but can't find anything. Anyone
    seen anything about an upcoming split? And what is
    with the Jan 13 Smith Barney downgrade? And everyone
    should thank me for buying a brand new Sony sound system
    over the weekend -- I figured it would drive the stock
    up a little bit today...but 20+!!!

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        BIG-SCREEN TVs

        PARK RIDGE, N.J., March 1, 2000 �
        For A/V enthusiasts, sports buffs, and aficionados of
        the big-screen, Sony is introducing sizable additions
        and picture enhancements to its lineup of
        rear-projection televisions.
        This year marks the 25th
        anniversary of Sony�s introduction in 1975 of the KP-4000,
        the world�s first projection television for the home.
        Continuing the tradition of innovation, Sony is fielding an
        all-star lineup for 2000 bolstered by the top performing
        53-inch and 61-inch Hi-Scan 1080i projection
        New Big-Screen Sets For Both Digital and
        Analog Display For maximum enjoyment, the Sony KP-53HS10
        and KP-61HS10 big-screen TVs incorporate the latest
        generation of Digital Reality Creation (DRC), a
        proprietary technology that converts analog signals to that
        approaching high-definition quality, resulting in clean,
        vibrant images. A bridge technology, DRC bit-maps the
        original NTSC and standard definition (480i) signals in
        real-time, doubling the number of scanning lines and pixels
        per line, creating a picture with four times the
        image resolution. As a result, conventional NTSC
        programming approaches the picture quality of high-definition
        TV. For enhanced detail, the new HS series projection
        televisions with the Hi-Scan chassis accept 1080i
        high-definition signals when paired with a digital set-top box
        with HD component connections, as well as
        progressive-scan DVD (480p) signals in their anamorphic 16:9
        wide-screen form. It also upconverts NTSC signals from 480i
        to 960i with DRC technology from a VCR, digital
        satellite receiver, or DVD player. With component video
        inputs (Y/PB/PR or RGB/HV) and an S-video connection,
        the Hi-Scan televisions provide the highest quality
        connection to a DVD player and superior performance with
        HDTV receivers. Also with the addition of Multi-Image
        Driver (MID)circuitry, viewers can watch two
        programs simultaneously side-by-side, as well as zoom in
        to customize the size of the viewing window. With
        Twin-View 2-tuner picture-and-picture functionality, sports
        fans can set their sights on catching the baseball
        playoffs and college football in real time, and never miss
        a minute of the action.
        Other enhancements
        include Sony�s Extended Definition MICROFOCUS CRT
        and Velocity Modulation scanning, both of
        which contribute to improved picture quality, as well
        as edge detail by varying the scanning rate of the
        electron beam. And, the Flash Focus full digital
        auto convergence feature automatically aligns the
        picture tube in five seconds.
        For clear viewing from
        any angle, all of the new HS Series TVs include
        Sony�s BrightView Screen, with a new higher
        contrast lenticular screen, to provide richer colors and
        stunning detail. Emulating the movie-theater experience,
        the sets also include 40-watts of total audio power,
        with two 6-3/8� woofers built-in to a Dynamic Acoustic
        Chamber (DAC) box for true high-fidelity sound.
        Incorporating TruSurround Virtual Dolby Sound with
        Dolby Pro Logic processing, the televisions can
        reproduce lifelike sound of rear speakers using only the
        stereo pair built into the television cabinet. Available
        in the spring, the 53-inch KP-53HS10 and 61-inch
        KP-61HS10 will sell for about $3,200 and $3,700
        respectively. A Better Vision In Rear-Projection Television
        Also, new for 2000 are 48, 53, and 61-inch big-screen
        televisions in the popular �V� series. These new televisions
        incorporate several enhancements, such as the
        MICROFOCUS picture tubes and lens system. These advancements
        deliver a higher level of precision with a flatter plane
        of focus across the projection screen, while
        providing a sharper picture from corner to corner. And, the
        Flash Focus full digital auto convergence feature
        automatically aligns the picture tubes in five seconds.

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