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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Mar 10, 2000 6:23 PM Flag


    Philips DEVELOPED the CD concept..based on thier
    LASERDISC invention..(which is analog, and I still use
    it)....Philips developed the physical SIZE, the laser assys, the
    recording technology...EVERYTHING...the only thing Sony
    workded on besides haveing a marketing name in teh
    U.S...was some error correction....THAT'S IT.....everything
    about the CD was PHILIPS...PHILIPS was teh FIRST to
    dispaly laser optical recording in the 70's...THE
    LASERDISC...they showed it in N.Y...I was there!!!!!It's ALL
    PHILIPS....PHILIPS had the V-2000 cassette video recoring system in
    EUROPE long before anything from Sony was used BOTH sides of the was poorly
    marketed, which let VHS and Beta go into format wars....the
    concept was an out growth of teh AUDIO CASSETTE which
    PHILIPS INVENTED..still in use, as a standard audio
    medium..over 30 bout' that Sony El Cassette
    failure, the Beta failure, BASF (GERMAN) invented magnetic
    recording tape, to replace the wire recorders in use at the
    time...Video Cassette tape was a PHILIPS idea...taking the
    audio to the next step...racist?...liking ones
    race?..go to a dictionary....cus' I don't eat raw food?
    Even the caveman discovered it was better to COOK food
    than eat it RAW!!! eeeessshhhhh...The first transistor
    radio was produced by REGENCY, not Sony!!!!! Again Sony
    marketed the idea better, another bout' that
    defective PS2? that is a Sony product....I agree.

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