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  • qomh qomh Mar 24, 2000 1:43 PM Flag

    Microsoft may drop game machine

    Microsoft announced that they decided to drop
    continuance of the tax preparation software it introduced in
    a big way for the 1999 tax year. They just decided
    it was going to be too expensive to compete with
    Intuit's TurboTax program.

    Perhaps they'll do the
    same with the game machine. Personally, I think they
    eventually will.

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    • Yup, maybe somebody here in the U.S. is waking
      up...NASCAR is getting to be a very big item, and it does
      have a lot of's a multi billion dollar
      industry, when PCC was with LU, they tried to sponsor a
      car, it had PCC on one of the vehicles......if the
      deadbeats at the U.S. divisions wake up, they may in fact
      realize they need to have the name exposed, not keep it a
      secret...the Philips ARENA in Atlanta is a good
      start....things are getting better....

    • My husband told me he stopped at Burger King
      yesterday and across the street was an awesome racing car -
      The logo "Philips Electronics" pronounced across the
      body of the auto. Hey, we'll take whatever advertising
      we can get - even Nascar racing, right?

    • Sony does have the greatest propaganda machine in
      business....Philips has one of the worst..PHILIPS invents and doesn't
      market it properly...Sony invents nothing, and manages
      to convince people they actually do something, still
      nobody is able to give an example of a Sony invention,
      not a rework of somebody eles's idea...look at the
      Sony earnings compared to PHG....did you get your
      LEGACY speakers yet? "studio"
      models with a subwoofer by Legacy and you'll be in
      heaven....of course the ULTIMATE for home theatre is the
      MANHATTAN system...big and pricy though..

    • My tv's are all PHILIPS from Philips monitor is a PHILIPS BRILLIANCE 107, SUPERB image
      quality, see it at new ones are
      even better and much shorter in depth..they just
      introduced a 42" plasma computer monitor...neat
      phone stuff is all Lucent, worlds biggest maker of
      phone stuff...last movie I seen said PolyGram..a former
      Philips division, sold off to Seagram Universal...Philips
      now has 11% ownership in stereo is
      VanAlstine from (FOCUS)...Sony audio is CD player is
      a PHILIPS CD936 from about 5 years ago, made in's notasony...all my lighting is also PHILIPS or's notasony..and I don't own any games..Sony is a
      non player here...they don't have any product that I
      need....even my portabel CD players(2) are PHILIPS units, the
      latest PHILIPS portables have the best shock protection
      ckts on the market, my DVD/LD player is a Pioneer,
      since Philips does not make a DVD/LD player, only
      Pioneer does..checkout the LOEWE tv's from
      will never look at a Sony games are
      USELESS and when you need to get some medical imaging
      done, see if SONY is in the hospital or dentist will be a PHILIPS, GE,Siemens or Picker....Sony
      makes everything non essential, leave your lights off
      at night, see how much you can get done without
      them...GE,PHILIPS or OSRAM..without them the world goes back to
      candles and oil lamps...Sony does have that very
      essential PS2...hope it serves all your needs very
      well...whatever that need is, since I don't know whata PS2 does
      that is needed.

    • Don't you think PHG needs to perhaps beef up its
      PR presence. I know its a good company, low P/E and
      great earnings per share date, trust me, I know its
      merits, but I don't think they toot their own horn
      enough. Notice SNE although I know you are bearish on
      SNE, but they seem to have a great PR department.
      Immediately released a disclosure statement after the glitch
      was found, and seem to have daily postings or press
      releases as to what they are doing, what new directions
      they are taking. Their PR department is topnotch.
      Perhaps Philips needs to work on this in order to bring
      in new investors. Again, as you are aware, I am long
      both stocks.

    • Yea, Sony is "JUST" a video game maker. Don't
      forget about your TV, stereo, phone, monitor, and that
      movie you watched last week. It wouldn't be half bad
      even if they were, seeing how the gaming industry
      makes more revenues than any other slice of the
      entertainment pie.

    • I use TaxCut from H&R Block myself, great
      software, been using it for over 10 years, before H&R Block
      bought it from the original developer..H&R Block is
      smart, they loose business for their in house tax
      preparers, so they sell teh software for teh do it also owns OLDE stock brokers, which I use, very
      wll run, never any's notasony...

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