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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Mar 31, 2000 1:52 PM Flag

    Microsoft may drop game machine

    Philips is in the front and Sony joins in...a new
    div is formed from Philips semiconductors and they
    are letting SNE invest also..TriMedia chip is another
    PHILIPS invention, which is gonna be used in all internet
    appliances as they are now called....Again PHILIPS leads the
    way, Sony jumps on board...Philips stock is so
    undervalued, if they take the value of all the different div,
    combined PHG should be about 310 a share...they are indeed
    pushing for this recodgnition from the market, it will
    happen...PHG sold 9 million cell phones, in 2000 they will
    sell at least 18 million units..they want 10% of the
    market, even though 50% of ALL cell phones in the world
    have PHILIPS components in them...Sony does make a
    video game, Philips does not..TriMedia will be another
    BIG product, embedded in everything, it's notasony,
    it's a PHILIPS. Anton and Gerard PHILIPS founders of
    PHG 1891, ahve been voted Entepenaurs of the century
    in the Netherlands....something like Jack Welch at
    GE named manager of the cnetury...what Sony dude
    ever got such recognition..all that Morita guy did was
    tell us how stupid the americans are, while he of
    course went to M.I.T....(musta studied marketing with
    Amar Bose)...of course Nissan is now FRENCH controlled
    and Mitsubishi is GERMAN controlled...GE is the
    largest life insurer in Japan...Morita gets credit for
    taking an AMERICAN invention (transistor) and using
    plastic(not a sony idea) and making a radio, (MArconi)..too
    bad Regency already had a transistor radio, he was
    even first in that, the fraud comes out, marketeer
    supreme..SNE stock is gonna dive bomb like these internet
    stocks, look out, check the earnings...this ain't no GE
    with $10.72 BILLION in's a video game
    maker, and ColumbiaHouse CD seller....

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