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  • FAFAFLUNKY99 FAFAFLUNKY99 Aug 28, 2000 8:32 PM Flag

    Here is why FAFAFLUNCKY

    The best elctronics in the world? Are you
    retarded? Guess all that Space Shuttle stuff and LockHeed
    Martin satelite electronics, and F-16 electronics is
    made by Sony? Sony makes consumer games and grossly
    overpriced tv's that are advertised better than
    anybody...too bad PHILIPS sells more tv's than anybody, giving
    VALUE and reliablity...The Vatican just ordered some
    more Philips digital broadcast equipment. Philips
    answers to an higher authority. Guess who makes teh LCD
    displays that go into the Space Shuttle and 747's
    ...PHILIPS's largest
    maker of lcd displays..Philips is the world's largest
    maker of crt's's notasony....actually VW is
    the most recognized name in the world next to
    Coke....A Philips portable CD player with MP3..has a
    100second shock's notasony....true Philips does not make video
    games...but they do analyze the world with analytical x-ray,
    electron microscopes, help people with Medical imaging
    stuff (#3 in the world) video game, you are right
    Sony is the best. How many years have they been
    around...what? only about 50 or so..that ain't much longer than
    McDonalds...Siemens, GE, Philips...110 years invneting and
    creating..Siemens is about 130 years old....that's a company
    heritage....Panasonic sells much more product than Sony....

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