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  • maninamillion maninamillion Oct 30, 2000 4:02 PM Flag

    Think PS2 is a joke?

    NOT! PS2 is a contender. Microsoft is unable to
    stoke the earnings fire with just being a software
    company. Now they are trying to get at Sony's dinner. Not
    happening. As I type my son & a friend are playing the PS2.
    First time for the friend. He is amazed. Sony has the
    knowhow to make this console soar like an eagle. Besides
    AGAIN where is X box? PS2 is here now. It simply blows
    away Dreamcast. Read the reviews on the games for
    yourself. I own a PS2 & wish I owned Sony from june of 1999
    till it split a few months ago.. But I listened to my
    broker & I am broker. Next time I listen to my own
    instinct. Heres a review link.

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    • FAD

      • 1 Reply to FAFAFLUNKY99
      • You have just discredited your status on this
        board. The videogame industry is a 7.5 Billion dollar a
        year industry. Call that a FAD eh? Do the math you
        brainless wonder thats larger than the entire toy industry.
        To make a statement that videogames are fads is
        foolish. Everything moves in cycles this industry is a 5
        year cycle where we usher out the old and in comes the
        new. What are your feelings about the computer
        industry? Is that a fad too? That industry seems to move in
        5 year cycles also...I'd love to hear your opinion
        on that....


    • Sony rushed this system to the market the
      hardware shortages are going to do nothing more than piss
      of retailers and consumers. Many Top 10 retailers
      have already gone back to Sega for Dreamcast hardware
      to help fill the shelves this holiday season. Out of
      the 500k units shipped how many do you think
      currently are sitting in consumers living rooms? My guess
      would be 400k tops. Many whore mongers and independant
      retailers scooped these systems up from Top 10 retailers
      and are auctioning them on E-Bay for

      Maninamillion...the future success is where we need to focus and that
      will come two years from now. Try to look at the big
      picture here I'm not a basher just someone who is very
      famaliar with the videogame industry and I'm trying to
      lend insightful information here with how I see the
      console wars shapping up. I don't think Dreamcast will be
      in the picture two years from now but the fact that
      they are there now they are slowing Sony's progress in
      establishing a large user base couple this with the fact that
      Sony has shot themselves in the foot with the limited
      number of hardware units and this definately hurts

      X-Box like PS2 is a multimedia unit. The big
      differences in the hardware itself is that X-Box will have a
      built in 20 Gig Hard Drive from Western Digital and
      network card for internet play. Those are 2 items PS2
      doesn't have so lets say $100 bucks for an external HD &
      $75 for a network card...that makes the PS2 almost
      $500 when you can get the same thing in an X-Box for
      $299. Oh and if you read my former posts on this board
      you will notice I make mention of a "EXODUS" due to
      the fact that PS2 is extremely difficult to develop
      for and the time involved to develop a game is almost
      twice as long as it takes to develop for X-Box and
      their user friendly Direct X 8.0.

      Read my other
      posts but mark my words...PS2 will not win the console
      wars vs X-Box & Game Cube.


      • 2 Replies to imontopin2k
      • No way in hell X-Box will sell for $299 next year
        (with 20G hard drive and built in networking, ect)
        unless MS really wants there stock price to

        This is all the might MS marketing machine
        talking..but if they do I will be shorting MS stock because
        shareholders are going to hate this one.


      • Well in a previous post I made mention that
        Oddworld Inhabitants has become an X-Box
        it here.,3,0-4930,00.html

        Also more interesting news from EA Sony's largest 3rd
        party software support has announced that they will
        support X-Box read this article...,47376,.shtml

        The point I'm trying to get across to you people is
        simple PS2 is EXTREMELY difficult to program for. X-Box
        is second nature to most developers because they are
        famaliar with Direct X 7.0 for PC & X-Box uses Direct X
        8.0 which is slightly changed but very user

        If Sony can't get the installed base in the US
        Market to warrant developers to exclusively develop for
        that console the developers will open up all doors to
        other platforms and that is what is happening as you
        can see from the articles above.

        This is a
        really cruical time for Sony right now and unlike 1995
        when they had the 18-35 yr old market lock, stock, &
        barrel with strong exclusive 3rd party titles like Ridge
        Racer, Tekken, Resident Evil, and good first party
        titles like Twisted Metal, and more they will face stiff
        competition from Microsoft and they have the money to go
        toe-to-toe with Sony for this market unlike Sega who will
        most likely become a software developer after the
        Dreamcast dies out in a year or so. There are rumors
        circulating that Sega could ally with Nintendo since both
        those companies have a strong dislike for Sony and
        there are some big name games Sega has had over the
        years that will help Nintendo such as Sonic, and many

        The next signs of third party support moving away
        from Sony will be the Japanese companies such as
        Capcom, Namco, Squaresoft, Atlus, & Konami moving towards
        developing for X-Box. I know Konami has already commented
        that they are working on a version of Metal Gear for
        X-Box EXCLUSIVE to X-Box no less....I'm telling you
        these are very strong signs that development for PS2 is
        not going to last for a prolonged period of
        time...X-Box will steal the limelight away from PS2 when it's
        launched next October...YOU HEARD IT HERE

        And to answer your question why Microsoft is getting
        into the console gaming business is because they see
        the millions of dollars companies like Nintendo,
        Sony, & Sega are making from licensing fees and they
        want a piece of that money and they are gonna get

        PS2 your days are numbered...LET THE EXODUS


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