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    • MS has had a partnership with Great Plaines for years. They have a small application suite that will enable processing of ERP (HR, Financials, etc.) Is the new Mini going to cut into Mercedes S Class sales? Great Plaines is for the general business market and can be purchased for under $50k. Anyone going with a Brio or SAP has a budget over $100k with a $400k average.

      Brio is a query/reporting tool that plugs into the Applicaiton layer. To answer your question, this is no real news. Companies recycle the same press releases over and over to make it look like things are changes.

      As for Brio, I am going to wait it out until mid summer when software may bottom. I love this stock and hate to see it go down but fundementals are fundementals.

      I am afraid to touch software right now because I know people on the inside who are struggling to make sales. Also, CNBC and all the analysts are just loving retail and consumer products. I hope we get a tech ralley by end of the year. I learned a long time ago to only buy what you know!

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      • you probably mean: fundamentals are fundamentals

        not: fundementals are fundementals

        of course, brio probably means to produce software that sells. unfortunately they have the same problem. they cant get it right.

        mostly because they have the most ignorant
        set of executives possible in the BI space -
        and they dont know diddly-squat about their respective roles. Unless you like stocking Safeway shelves I suggest you take your losses or wait until $1, which should do nicely for someone to buy them out.

        i remember a prediction that Craig had that he was going to drive sales from the $150M level last year to $250M (it was suppose to be a secret - shhhh dont tell anyone). But as Craig usually does, he has given it to the company in the a*s, and sales are roughly $100M and dropping.

        Oh Jorgen, Katherine, Arun, John et al. where
        are you now when we actually need someone who knows something (I hope some of them read this).