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  • bams1017 bams1017 Jun 20, 2002 6:41 PM Flag

    I can't believe this...

    Wow... can this thing get down to $.50 giving it a market cap of $18M with over $20M of net free cash in the bank?

    This is just getting rediculus. I guess I am having sour grapes as many of my other investments are also slumping... however, this one by far has slumped the most and is the most undervalued in my book.

    A friend of mine said his company was in the process of buying some Brio software... so it's not like there is no goodwill here.

    Does anyone have anything positive to say at all about this thing.

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    • Hello,

      I already sait it im my message 11312.

      At this prices I'm keeping buying this stock.

    • Do you remember these days when Nasdaq was 5000 and people were buying any stock without looking at any facts and making money?

      Now we are on the extreme 180 degrees of those days! There are no buyers only sellers. Sell first and ask later!

      Brio is still BRio and YES I know many firms buying BRIO and using them heavily.

      I remember when I first entered the stock market (98) and was not able to understand why people would buy a stock for 400 dollars!

      A friend told me that it's a market of stocks not a stock market! When there is high demand stocks shoot high!

      So I asked him what if people lost interest in stocks completely when he said it will not happen.

      No it happened now and this is why long term investors are bleeding!

      But any spark could trigger again buyers and lift the market!

      My expectation is: companies that will survive the next six months will start to see the good days again starting from the first Q of 2003 (hopefully)!

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      • You can blame the congress for not pursuing meaningful reform of accounting practices for the stocks drop. If people do not have confidence the broad market suffers and this is were we are. The politicians are waiting for ENRON to blow over and are blind to the damage done to the economy by the accounting scandals.
        No one expects the present administration to stand up to business so you should expect a long drawn out death spiral. I just hope we do not see inflation numbers rising or this will put us into a deep recession.