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  • supermarketinvestor supermarketinvestor Sep 19, 2002 11:25 AM Flag

    Homeland defence spending

    copied from INFA board but a good point.
    Re: Homeland defence (here???)
    by: saidwho (55/M/CASPER, WY) 09/19/02 10:46 am
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    It is incumbent upon all of us that we help (for lack of a better word) the government in there spending. If INFA has a product that can be used to help prevent future information fiasco's it needs to be brought to the attention of those empowered to make decisions. IT spending is the way to go and the government will not go there unless we push them. Now the defense and oil industries have large lobbies in Washington. IT companies have a large employee base that needs to become active and make those politicians sit up and take notice and this needs to be done in all political parties.
    This government spending is needed if this company and this industry is to survive in today's market. The best part is that the country really need to do this work.
    How many combat fighters will be used in the war on terrorism. That money could be better spent on making our governmental systems work efficiently thru improved information management.

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