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  • proudtoworkformarsh proudtoworkformarsh Mar 12, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    Why'd this jump late?

    Anyone listen to the conference call that can chime in? I looked at earnings this morning and they looked terrible. Most of day looked like others agreed, but someone bought a bunch in last half hour. Was a buyout hinted at?

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    • I suggest you listen to the conference call and do the numbers on a go forward basis. There was buying because 4th quarter was obviously the bottom here and they are saying that Q1 is doing well. Plus they seem very excited with their new products. With XRM you are looking at a company that can produce over $3.00 per share in sustainable free cash-flow per year ($100 million EBITDA - $36 million interest expense - $12 million in maintenance capex). What's that worth? I have no idea, but certainly not $5.50. I think XRM will easily hit $10 by end of this year as the turnaround gains momentum.

    • It would appear big money is starting to get back in. It is hard for them with such a small float. Two million+ share positions filed in SC-13G filings a few weeks back and price stepping up since then. These guys are looking out farther than this quarter for sure. We shall see what tomorrow brings as far as volume and price.

      I listened to a replay of the call. I didn't hear anything that resembled a takeover - more a progress report on the turnaround plan. Don't ask me for specifics - must listen again when I am less tired and distracted: weekend work.

    • I missed the conference call, but initially thought the earnings were terrible and sold some of my shares. After further review; the earnings weren't too bad. There was a charge of about $14M due to the closing of those branches (restructuring), which would be a 1 time cost. Without that charge; they would of earned about $6M on good sales numbers.

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