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  • kurtbyars Feb 16, 2014 7:39 PM Flag

    Only 2 times in my life has the stock market given the regular Joe an opportunity like this.

    The internet & the world wide acceptance of Mary Jane. It's coming folks & this is only the beginning. Many have moved already but this one was left behind. It's not going to last long though, don't believe me take a look at that chart over the past month. Does that look like a stock you want to short ? Your buying power diminishes dramatically on each new closing high! For example, on Tuesday...1,000,000 shares cost you 6,600 & 4 days later costing you 9,800 & as high as 10,400. Better hope for some weakness & buy all you can if opportunity presents itself. This bad lad is going higher & higher.

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    • I want to buy some more shares on Tuesday but with my job I can't monitor the stock. What would be a good limit order to get the most shares at lowest price. I don't want to set it too low and not get filled though. .0080 maybe?

    • I agree - in putting money into MJ plays - I like the fact that this one has been around for a while. Means it is poised to improve from the general (and legal) acceptance of MMJ and MJ. Those companies starting from nothing are definitely more risky so I put a lot into LATF. May trade 20-25% at times and buy some dips but I do have a sizeable portion I will keep for a long time. I am not downsizing any of my positions until at the earliest when Washington State comes on line for legal MJ and see what kind of surges we get from that!!!! GLTA - i like LATF!!!!!

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    • I think from what I've seen after doing several hours of research I'm confident if this was a so called scam as the bashers try to say they would've been made last year ! Yes this is a new industry but latf has been around for years and has expanded to accommodate the mmj market..also don't underestimate their seafood business. They have traceable shipments through us customs that spell out what and how many pounds they are shipping. If people don't already know this but seafood is a very expensive commodity. You ever see that wicked tuna show? They get anywhere from 10k-20k for one tuna. These guys are shipping 70,000 plus of shrimp at one time...if you don't believe me google Mekonza shipments and look for yourself. Looks like the future is bright at LATF!!!!

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