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  • ourlittlesecret29 ourlittlesecret29 Feb 27, 2014 10:43 PM Flag

    Does Anyone have actual answers?

    Spewing name calling fluff .... does anybody have actual legit answers to any of the questions I raised? This really shouldnt be this hard to answer simple points... seriously why can not one of you who has supposedly done dd answer any of the questions?

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    • Gee, I could paraphrase everything you wrote here and post it on the any stock's message proves absolutely nothing except that you have clever writing are obviously either shorting this stock or just like to rain on someone elses

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I have written to the SEC in regards to this company. I used the telephone number in their quarterly report as it is disconnected. I talked to their corporate lawyer and informed him of that and he was surprised and told me he would contact the company about that. I also told them of all this noise that the company is not real and suggested the company make a release to clarify their position on it. There is no reason a seafood company would be impossible to find.

    • Why do you two idiots care you are probably the same person, do you people really have nothing better to do then this lol thanks for trying to save us money I'm pretty sure your not going to get anyone to sell the stock here so what is your point you've already posted about 100 times today

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      • I don't care at this point, as a point of concern. At first this was about having somebody else verify my findings. But for me now, it's become a huge comedy seeing how vehemently people are willing to give a pass all the serious issues and red flags this company (or companies) have raised. I don't bash, I've been asking questions. And getting very few answers, and a lot more attacks for asking basic questions. The most basic of questions is, where really is this company, and why can't people call them to get basic answers?

        I'm not saying that there aren't legitimate pot stocks out there in this sector, but compared with other companies in this sector, LATF is the Invisible Man. Till somebody tells me they found the company office and actually talked with a company representative, and explained their business model, I think this entire operation is highly dubious. And the more I find people making excuses for the lack of transparency in this company, the more I enjoy the read.

        Even the other person, jrsayo, who was supposed to verify my claims of these false addresses hasn't even shown up to post his findings. Either he found the truth and doesn't want to say, or he possibly hasn't checked yet. But I find it laughable that people are willing to give so many benefits of the doubt to a company that not one person can find or reach.

        And the fact you think I am one and the same person as pimpineasy makes me laugh even more at your stupidity and desperation to legitimize your position. Nobody can answer the questions, so you attack the person making the questions instead.

      • Not the same person and personally I care because I have been and still am long. And frankly what is wrong with asking honest questions about the reality of a company? Id love for someone to prove me wrong in any way shape or form as long as its factually based... where are the facts where is any kind of proof?

    • Because nobody has any answers. Every answer we get leads to several new questions. Find one address in Santa Ana, and it's a virtual office with nobody who has a clue about the actual company. Find a second in Newport Beach, it's a tiny office that says Motorsport Negotiators on the front and isn't even open in the middle of the day. Find a new office in Fountain Valley, and there's no real phone number connected to that establishment (the 310 # is a cell phone in Los Angeles that doesn't answer), which is odd for a seafood distributor. Since one would think the distributor would want to attract more business by having customers reach out and contact it by phone, but you can't even find a listing for it in any retail or wholesale business directory.

      Now go ahead and downvote me for asking legitimate questions!

    • I answered your questions dummy

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