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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Oct 23, 2010 6:12 PM Flag

    these new guys are sharp!

    Blanco, thanks for the "piercing" comments about the names. But I think you have too much time on your hands;-) I look forward to more "cutting edge" reporting from you.

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    • and I look forward to more "cutting edge" reporting from Cap'n Blanco as well......

      he certainly keeps the crew amused as the ship slowly takes on more water!



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      • deep - this ship has been "righted", and the smokin' deal to clear all litigation issues swings along with the new management team, and today's action (down-side on the price) provides a real opportunity,

        too bad I'm maxed out, and playing the "rare earth bubble"

        no bubble, just not the one I lost money on! upside there, and a sneaky market (which just goes to show it is difficult for investors, despite recent upside on Medallion Resources, LYNAS (now why would I build a position in a stock that sounds like "lyyin'azzz??)

        Mondays are not the best days to buy stocks when the US markets are up,

        wish I had some real cash lying around.

        I see no reason to participate in this settlement, and I think the future is in the new team, etc.

        sorry I'm on the sidelines on this one, yet $5.2 million for insurance will surely bring a strong partner - any day now.

        and there is every sign I will miss the boat on this one!

        Death to Bin Laden!