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  • blaineson3 blaineson3 Jan 6, 2011 8:47 AM Flag

    PA resources - mentioned in presentation

    I don't think PA is their partner. If you look at the Zarat block it's broken into Tunisian and Libyan sides. In other words the structure falls on the oceanic border betw. two countries. PA Resources has already explored and drilled prospects on one side of the structure, and now SOQ is partnered with a co. established betw. the two countries to explore the structure straddling the two countries border. Marathon drilled a well some time ago (1996?) but I don't think they ever put the well on production, although it was a good well. I think it produced 15 mmcfpd with around 1800 bbls/day of liquids. I believe it was SOQ's intent to redrill and establish a new field from this same structure.


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