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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Aug 10, 2011 11:33 AM Flag

    2nd quarter conference call

    Any thoughts on what we might hear on Monday? I am tempted to buy more here just as a play on the properties and potential of SOQ but am kind of torn given the market conditions. So will say hold unless the fine posters here can persuade me to ratchet that up.

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    • sure sounds strange for them to have a conference call unless their exploration results have some bright spots.

      I can't think of anything else, unless there is some resolution on pending litigation.

      maybe their horizontal drilling in the Duvernay shale has discovered oil! (isn't that the shale formation in the drummheller lease area

      or maybe they worked out a great settlement and SOQ stockholders screwed by Greg Noval will only get a penny per share, the attorneys get 10 cents a share, and the total settlement only amounts to $6 million, lock stock and barrel!

      I suggest you hold or buy, I expect good news, I just don't have the patience - CHK is below 30 bucks and their shale play for oil in Ohio is a really good bet, check it out (and I don't own any of that stock either)

      good luck, go buy some stock, oil isn't going down, the companies are lowering production to meet expectations of a slower economy worldwide, which is why WTI is still above 80 bucks.

      maybe I should buy some SOQ and be ready for the good news,


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      • I really feel that there is not a lot of bad news out there for SOQ at this point and at this price it seems a reasonable bet. But this market is taking bead on nearly every stock with no concern for the story behind the company. SOQ's past has been spotty enough to justify that but I think a new day is on the horizon. If you buy, don't buy a lot. I am leery of the shale plays that are shallow and also leery of the SEC looking into "cooked" estimates of reserves.