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  • wright.tom64 wright.tom64 Jan 2, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    Correction underway

    I am looking for advice on adding more and at what price. What are others on the board thinking regarding a point at which to add or reenter (for those who sold earlier)?

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    • I have held, but missed the news regarding FO until today. I hope the stock gets to 3.70/share. If Viking has a good plan, then SOQ will only get some real money from the NA deal if the outpost exploration prospects they worked up are drilled and SOQ comes back in after payout, or SOQ joins as 33% JV partner in the wells to be drilled. WC, is a total mystery to me ... they do not seem to get much going there even though industry is all foamed up regarding Hz frac potetntial of acreage of WC.

      Not sure where the price is going right now .... hope the price drop from 1.79 to 1.50 is from the folks who bought in and got out during this short run, and then the stock rises based on its worth since NA aspects do not weigh it down. Need to read more about NA deal, but it sounds like Viking is going to get the condensate and gas producing ASAP. Using a FPSO is the best way to do it, period. Regards

      Sentiment: Hold