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  • deepsub5 deepsub5 Jan 7, 2013 12:32 PM Flag



    goin' back in the tank??

    It's great to have the onus of the Libya-deal pulled off the back of the co. -----but they need to have a plan on what to do next......and EXECUTE.

    These guys are running around.......lookin' like the Keystone Cops !!!


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    • Total joke these 3 guys probably have never drilled a successful well in their careers . They are very good l real estate accumulators but that as far as it goes. Drumheller a bust, Machichi more oil in a filling station. Montney, it will help the folks that conduct fracking because SOQ hit massive water. Another note, it was Toufic Nassif that cut the deal with Joint Oil, why are the 3 Amigo"s even needed especially at the pay scale they are on. !!! Sell Canada or get a qualified Partner to drill .

    • Needs to clear $1.70 (the higest weeky close in about 6 months) on it's weekly chart for the next leg up to begin. Otherwise its a wait and see game.

      New monster moves begin practically each week (if you know the SIMPLE SECRET FORMULA for explosive stocks).

      Take a look at these recent winners; IMH [+800%], CLSN [+710%], ARNA [+591%](could breakout above $10 eventually - wow!), CONN [+442%], BLDR [+380%], INFI [+416%], PHM [+367%], DDD [+246%], ELLI [+417%], SNTS [+266+], HOV [+242%], REGN [+245%] RPRX [+325%], CVI [+546% - since Summer 2010], WNR [+675% - since Summer 2010], on and on...

      :m:u:a:t:h:e: . :c:o:m: (without the colons).

    • Well Deep, they did find a JV for the Africa play, so I don't think they were sitting on their hands doing nothing.

      Sentiment: Buy