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  • oilngasman69 oilngasman69 Jan 22, 2013 9:44 PM Flag

    Trust me I'm not bragging

    since I've lost 500k + w/SNG/Sonde over the years but am still intrigued by the potential upside. First Nova Scotia second Trinidad now North Africa & HZ upside in W. Canada. Please convince me not to throw another $100 K @ this latest presentation. I know P.T. Barnum was onto something.TIA

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    • well trinidad was sold to British Gas and Niko resources, not much happening in Nova Scotia. Still company has upside potential due to facts

      1) Montney / Duvernay are hot plays in Alberta / BC
      2) Upside to North Africa

      If the can sell their Drumheller assests my target on this stock is 5 dollars by end of 2013 and divert that money to point 1 above

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • This latest action taken by SOQ should be very interesting. I hope it is more than interesting for the share holders of the stock. The WC acreage is going to be what supplies a significant portion of our domestic unconventional crude oil in the US.

        With the North Africa assets lined up for production via the farmout and/or JV, that asset is moving forward. Now if the WC acreage can be sold, the Market Cap for SOQ should increase as long as the money is not spent paying for the salaries of leaders of SOQ. Patience is what is called for here at this point.

        The WC acreage action will shape up this year as many companies and countries want to be and will be involved in locking in large acreage positions for the WC Hz unconventional shale crude oil resource. The technology is now very well proven, and the analog Hz production is close by (Bakken). Thus the acreage should be acquired in the near future. Approximately 76% interest in 459,000 acres should help SOQ move forward.

        This has been a long hard road from where SNG/SOQ was with TNT to where they are now. I sure hope it works out. We will see once the acreage blocks start to be picked up by companies. Regards.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • $5.00 is just about half of what I need to be even. I also was in SNG, this stock is my biggest loser. I will still have it into my late 70s. Maybe we need Greg back to put a spark back in the stock or to find us another diamond in the ruff. HaHa

        Sentiment: Hold

    • That's a hell of a thing to brag about. Sounds like the bigger fool theory to me.