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  • deannay127 deannay127 May 6, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    SOQ a sad joke!

    Jack Schanck's resignation was most likely NOT voluntary. This "company" has been going down the tubes since they got rid of Marvin Chronister. Having him as Chairman and acting-CEO was the only thing this board has ever got right. The stock was at $4.50 when he left and production was heading towards 4,000 bbl/day. They sold the Trinidad operations too cheaply and #$%$ away the money. I find it very interesting that the Viking deal for the N. Africa operations has been extended until June, if it happens at all. I, fortunately, sold my stock a while ago. Anyone who still owns stock in this sorry excuse of a company, you have my sympathies.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell