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  • dean3033 dean3033 Nov 23, 2004 2:44 PM Flag

    All Eyes on MINI Cabrio

    It seems a bit unusual to me that this thinly traded stock has such a down day on heavy volume. What's shaking? What's the latest merger talk?

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    • Everybody's waiting for news about the De Rigo/Viva merger,IMO.
      Wait and see.....

    • Schroder added another 84K shares.

      I think you mean down day on light volume? 2400 shares traded today. We recently made new highs. Sometimes we drop to 50ema when we make new highs and sometimes we don't. Very thinly traded as you point out but speacialist doing good job imo. Goldman recently wrote report that made luxotica look like the Walmart of the eyeglass industry. Perhaps the Goldman groupies sold De Rigo and bought LUX? These institutions have some of the brightest people on the planet working for them. Funny how normal everyday people like myself still outpreform the market holding on to companies like De Rigo when Goldman tells it's clients (smart money, big money) to sell because no one will be able to compete with LUX.

      Who knows. Bollinger has worked well in the past on DER fwiw.