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  • jobu_saj jobu_saj Nov 27, 2003 9:29 PM Flag

    Comander In Chief >shorts

    Bush's remarkable trip to Iraq on Thanksgiving is a nightmare to shorts who have made a cynical investment...they bet their money against the prosperity of our nation and they deserve the poverty of their betrayal.

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    • exactly my point. thinking it's good does not mean it's good. won't parse "is" with you either. i don't believe he had any concept of good. mabe want but not good. he simply had no concept of anything but aggrandizing himself by indulgence.

      you are right he was insane. and warped. and evil. and a murderer. he may have been good at doing what he did, but he was not good himself.

      curious that we define evil as good and good as evil these days. could the age we live in be ending ?

    • gatorstomper> ... now please read it carefully. "no direct link to 9-11"..."aided and abetted terrorists in general".

      That is a truely general statement! One that he can neither prove nor can I completely refute. I think you will find the consensus in the Intelligence Community was that Saddam hated Osama and would not support him. Recent bomb attacks in Turkey show that AlQueda is no friend of the Arabs. So what terrorists is Bush talking about? Maybe it's the Irish Republican Army.

    • Well, he thought it was "good" that he was in power, that he remain in power.

      He thought it was "good" to have all that luxury and that everyone was afraid of him.

      The list goes on, but everyone knows already, so no need to continue.

      That was HIS concept of "good", not mine nor your's. He was a warped mind.

    • You took the time to repost my please read it carefully. "no direct link to 9-11"..."aided and abetted terrorists in general". I stand by my remark.

    • gatorstomper> <While I admit we have not established a direct Iraqi connection to 9-11, no one doubts Iraq aided and abbetted terrorists in general and 9-11 was our wake up call as to what they were capable of.>

      A poll last month confirmed that 70% of Americans ERRONEOUSLY believed that Iraq was behind 911. Bush and Rumsfeld said, they didn't know how people got that idea!!

      They fooled you too.

      Add "http:" in front of link:

      ...President Bush said there has been no evidence that Iraq's Saddam Hussein was involved in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, disavowing a link that had been hinted at previously by his administration...
      Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld on Wednesday said he had no reason to believe that Hussein had a hand in the Sept. 11 attacks....

    • Bobfai> 1.Did he have weapons ready to use
      Bobfai> 2.Did he have the capability of making the weapons---forget N-bombs and think about the other weapons.
      Bobfai> 3.Did he have control of the weapons but stash them somewhere.

      The answere to all your questions is:
      Obviously Not. Even Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, ... are backing away from the fact that they made such claims.



    • bobfai> <The bombers don't care what happens to them ----maybe they care about their family---I guess they do because their family gets a bounty for their death.>

      Israel bulldozes the homes of the wife and parents of bombers. Saddam reimbursed their innocent families for their losses.

      Israel's action violates international war crimes for "collective punishment". The US Central Command in Iraq has adopted a similar policy about a week ago. They are bulldozing homes of "suspects". This will not bring peace.


    • WELL ----- i'll just be dammed. dammit.

    • remember clinton ? he negotiated a deal with arrafat and the then israeli prime minister that would have given the pals every-thing they desired. a homeland to live in with real borders and self rule. arrafat rejected it for one reason.

      israel did not have to go live in the sea.

      your're right - the pals do not want that !

    • that's interesting. i can't help but wonder though, just what the "concept of good" that saddam(sp.) insane(sic) understood.

      perhaps all the people he tortured, killed, and had tortured and killed, would tell us -- if they could that is.

      just what "interest of good" DID he understand ?

      conclusion -- evil exists in this world. whoever Gundjieff was, he wore rosy blinders.

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