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  • mozartbud mozartbud Apr 6, 2006 12:52 PM Flag

    Bush outed CIA operative

    Bush's style of personal attacks and vendettas has bit him on the #ss this time. Hasn't America had enough of this bozo?

    Look at our debt - reckless spending (I thought conservatives were more....conservative?)

    Look at Iraq (this misadventure is NOT a war on terror, in fact we are HELPING Al-Qaeda with this Iraq war while we are killing civilians and our own soldiers DAILY. IF this was a true war on terror, then maybe it would be justified, but it IS NOT.)

    This president has no conscience. I wouldn't put it past him to justify wire-tapping political opponents "in the name of national security interests".

    And all you right-wingers out there attacking me for merely voicing the truth calling me "traitor" - go f#ck yourselves. IF you were true American patriots, you would hang up you political Hannity-style hatred and finally CHOOSE COUNTRY OVER PARTY.

    I am neither Democrat nor Liberal -- so don't say I'm just being political here. Bush and his corrupted administration is truly HURTING America. WHy do you think Powell left??? Wake up people!

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