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  • sollid_companiess_only sollid_companiess_only Jul 13, 2013 12:48 PM Flag

    My Investment in TXN has Paid Off Handsomely!


    I bought 1,000 shares of TXN in 1996, about 17 years ago. My cost basis was approximately $12k, $12 per share. Of course, a few years later, came the bubble. Shares of TXN popped, they split twice so I ended up owning 3,000 shares. The pps exploded to $100 per share, the value of my TXN shares was now $300k. This for a cost basis of $12k.

    After reaching $100 a share, the bubble burst and so did TXN's pps. I sold a lot of 1,000 shares for $40k. I sold a second lot of 1,000 shares for $35k. I still own 1,000 shares of TXN from my original purchase, valued at $57k.

    So, let's see how I did on my TXN investment. My cost basis for 1,000 shares (3,000 after splits) was $12,000. I cashed in two lots of shares for a total of $75k. And I still own 1,000 shares at $57k. Of course, over the years that I have owned TXN, they have paid me approx. $15,000 in dividends.

    When I cashed in some of my TXN shares, for $75k, I further profited as I reinvested the proceeds elsewhere.
    How much, I don't know.

    Therefore, if you add up all my TXN present value, cashed in value, and dividends you come up with a $147,000 value for a cost basis of $12,000. A twelve-fold gain, I'll take it. This figure doesn't include the profits that I made from reinvestments from proceeds of TXN sales.

    TXN has done okay by me. Good luck to all TXN longs.

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