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  • sntaylor sntaylor Dec 4, 1997 1:25 PM Flag

    Agree with LT aspects of TXN


    If you look at TI's chart for the last 5 years, you can see that it's up about 400%. I'll take 400% in five years any time. Now trading with an EPS of less than 9, I think it's a great buy right now...but not for speculation for a quick run. Since I live the DFW area where TI is located, I can tell all that the DFW hi-tech climate is still very strong.

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    • Actually, I prefer JAVA

    • If you prefer HP then you must prefer Assembly over C++

    • Reverse Polish uses the stack data structure, which is very efficient. Computer nerds (programmers) like me love this technique; consequently, we favor HP.

    • If he /she used a HP he/she would have think in reverse and be Polish---very confusing way to design a tool .

    • I think he/she must have used a TI calculator. Had he/she used an HP, the number would have been closer to 30.

    • In that message and others, I've invested in TI and am planning to hold it 10-15 years, assuming TI holds to its strategy and keeps implementing it successfully. I have TI in my IRA.

      the reason I invested in TI, was that some years ago I did a study of how several firms were successful in getting their technologies accepted as industry standards. Most of the companies we studied have been hugely successful for themselves, their employees and their shareholders (Intel, Cisco Systems to name a couple). One reason is that the successful companies create a huge number of stakeholders in their success in terms of suppliers and customers (even competitors)

      One of the companies I researched was TI. I interviewed several people including Dr. Palab Chatterjee. I was particularly impressed by TI's long term investment in building the market for the DSP and the infrastructure. Particularly the sustained investment
      in educating the engineering community to design with TI's architecture. Everything I have seen over the last two years shows that TI has shaped a terrific strategy around the DSP and other advanced digital technologies -- and it look like implementation is spot on. I know TI is a major force in growing this market, and I do believe the projections I have seen for a $50 bn market 10 years out. So yes, I have a lot of faith that my investment will pay off very handsomely a decade from now.
      ekurich has said a number of times that TXN is the INTC of the next decade, and I subscribe to that view. I wish I had anything like 2000 shares.

      All that TXN is also the most volitile stock I own. The percentage swings in share value are huge -- much bigger than Intel's (at least over the same period--I bought the same number of share of each the same day so I track both.
      So far INTC has performed better, but I think the TI payoff is yet to come--and I do have faith. -- I fact I would like to add to my TI holdings. But in the meantime the roller coaster ride is a bit disconcerting at times.
      Have a nice weekend.

    • What calculator did you use to come up with six. I think you need to change the batteries.

    • At a P/E of around 6, its a sure bet.

    • I think so too. It's products are hot. Calculators and chips from TI are hot products here at the University. It beats the offerings from HP in ease of use and productivity.

    • Since I worked 35 years at TI and have never played the stock
      market except thru my 401k and company profit sharing plans, I
      have now somewhere around 2000 shares of ti stock in my folder.
      I know that the past has been different than this
      time because it has always climbed before and after the split.
      I feel that the only reason TI stock is down is due to the east
      falling and some of the other companys not doing as good as the
      market would like.....Just Wait and see what happens at the end of the 4th qtr. I would bet you will see a upward trend and
      I fell it will go to 80 of 90 by the middle of next year..TI stock is a long term type stock to have in your folder not a quick buy today sell tomorrow....I have the faith, How about you......

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