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  • susiesweatsocks susiesweatsocks Feb 7, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Annie's is a great company that went public

    Annie's is going to do very well. I know alot about this company as my wife and I have been buying Annie's frozen products for decades. When I saw just two days ago that Annie's was now publicly traded, I did not some quick investigation and quickly stock. I thought here is an established, clean, successful company, in the organic frozen food sector, with a great income statement and balance sheet, with a reasonable number of outstanding shares (only 17 million) and I knew this was a no brainer. I read some of the stupid posts, and thought why try to spin lies. The frozen pizza line is just coming into to stores on the 11th of Feb. I have heard no problems, like a recall. If there is a problem well, dah, they will not even reach shelves. Annie's has nonfrozen foods, like organic bunny crackers.
    The insiders are of course selling their shares. That is how they get paid for going public. The insiders hold a few more million shares. No big deal. So long as this company keeps on selling, which they will, it wil grow, and the stock will probably take off once more mutual funds and investment houses buy up more shares.
    Annie's has liquid assets and virtually no debt. I have seen mutual funds and investment houses holding stock in small nasdaq companies with stupidly high debt to liquidity and to sales. Annie's is an independent distributor of their own label. Who cares if they do not have their own stores. They are free to sell to any big chain or co-op they want, and I have personally seen Annie's in the big chains and co-ops.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy