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  • ralphperg ralphperg Sep 12, 2009 7:44 AM Flag

    UNG.. most complex money stealing etf ever


    dont believe it? ive lived the nitmare for a solid year.... this pile of shi t cannot sustain the smallest of rallys. and its getting worse as we speak. charts dont lie... ytd -54% one year return -68%

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    • Yeah, this is an interesting test of information flow in a market.

      I am beginning to think that using rhetoric is the only way to get through to the masses, while using factually correct information is not the way, since it is often incomprehensible with the educational frame of reference of the listener. I am not implying stupidity, but rather ignorance, which is different.... how many UNG longs just do not know what the have, etc.. and how many would only respond quickly if the fund stated that "UNG is going to $9.12 Monday because.... because.... of the death panel in the Obama health care plan... or because the communists were Godless.. or....

      Rhetoric... powerful... lack of its use... maybe powerful as well. We'll see this week.

    • You just picked the wrong time to buy, UNG will rebound with NG in the future, and the result will be just a good as they were to the downside. NG will not approach the records it saw at the top, but will rebound in the coming years. We are finally getting to the point of time to jump in.

      UNG will outperform the broader market over the next few years, outperform by a long shot.

      You fellows that have taken big hits, it shouldn't have happened, sell before it turns into a big loss. I sell if I'm down just a little, this has paid my way through life for the last two decades. I started with $45,000, I thought I knew how to trade, within weeks I was down to $16,000....I thought sure I would have to go back to my old job, a job that I hated.....I changed trading habits, and have made great money ever since...Home paid for....two children through college....Not a worry in the world now......It all boils down to never taking the big hit, and picking one sector to trade in, for years I traded oil drillers.

      I can rememebr trading Kmart when stocks traded in fractions, I could put buys in for 4000 shares over and over, they would get filled 1/16th higher all day long...Some times I would place 4 trades for 4000 shares each at the same time, they would fill within minutes....Many days I couldn't eat lunch because they were trading so fast...But if I tryed to combine the trades....Say 16000 share trade, it would not fill......Some days I would knock down 10 grand....Life was great....And then....And then they started trading in pennies, I have never made that kind of money since.

      Never take the big hit.....Wait until UNG gets to very near it's NAV, then one can average in if you are looking for a longterm holding, but don't hold forever, many ride it all the way to the top, never taking the profits, and then watching it fall down past their initial investment.

      Sorry for going on too long, I love investing/trading/and catching bottoms....UNG will bottom....NG will recover, NG will be the gas of the future...Who knows, if UNG is still in existance, it could see a price of more than a $100 bucks way down the road....

    • It's sad to read the posts from those who clearly have no understanding of the PROCESS that UNG uses over time to 'track' the price of NG, and have not read the recent 8-K statement by UNG mgmt. and possible effects on the current UNG premium.

    • thats why i'm flat. the lower it goes, the less likely, people will ever get back to even. their percentages are getting annihilated. when will most banks ever get back to close to their previous prices. 50% down = 100% up to even. not good math...

    • Eventhough, it's an interesting fund to learn the market dynamics....

      Everything had a good run from the March low except UNG, don't you think it's time for a rally here? In retrospect, I probably should have waited till October or November to buy...

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