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  • fivestarsam fivestarsam Apr 25, 2012 3:20 PM Flag

    I am holding at $28

    By the time the trend in Nat Gas changes contago will disapear or better yet be in longs favor. Hold on to your possition and if you can add more. Nat gas will go above $4, UNG above $30 by the end of the year. I am long UNG and buying more here. Buy UNG now, thank me later !

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    • Dollar cost in.

      • 2 Replies to mrpotatoepants
      • Ya! Dollar cost average into a decaying futures instrument. LOL.

      • you can also look at UGAZ, I too was in UNG, then the downtrend hit and i took the more extreme route and got into UGAZ. Slowly making up for lost time.

        The way i see it you are already donw 50%, at this point i would just hold it. If you were going to get out you should have done long before.

        But i would also sell say 1/2 and move that into UGAZ, its 3x fund, and with nat gas so low it could be a good way to at least break even sooner.

        BOIL is also a long NG fund 2x

        and for those who say anything about contango UGAZ, BOIL and UNG really all follow the same path, so with UGAZ you will hopefully B/E 3x faster.

        you got in @ 28, that would mean preslit you were in at about 7

        UGAZ is new and the highest it ever got because of it is 61, that was on Feb 17, on Feb 17 UNG was 5.68 presplit or 22.72 post split

        So 61 is not even the highest this can go to = 28 in UNG

        UGAZ is presenlty 18, so you have at least 40+ upside if UNG were to hit 28.00,

        you have 1000 shares of UNG presently they are worth about 14000

        sell all of that and put 7000 in UGAZ that gives you almost 400 shares (40) = 16000

        play some options as well with some of the ohter 7000,

        your goal right now is to break even and get out if you are lucky enough.

        Making $$ on this at this point is not the primary concern


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