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  • makomarko makomarko Mar 21, 2013 11:21 AM Flag

    Options held hostage at 10:30 on Thursdays?

    Not sure why they hold the BID side so you can't sell but ASK side is free to find a new home. Is there any regulation whatsoever for a fair option exchange or being Corzined something I should get used to?

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    • You expect fairness in the CME in the corrupt armpits of Chicago/Daley/Obama/Teamsters Mafia Machine.
      I grew up in Chicago and they were practicing and perfecting these scams when I was a boy in the
      early 60's. Our parents would have to keep us inside when the Teamsters had their local meeting
      right across from the rooming houses we rented because of the cascade of profanity emitted by these
      punks as they "greeted" each other. You think they have qualms about stealing your money.
      They probably figure they are you doing you a big favor because they didn't stuff you into a suitcase
      in the trunk of Cadillac afterwards.

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