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  • kvprahman kvprahman Oct 2, 2008 11:12 AM Flag

    Why is this stock getting punished?


    This stock is taking a big hit for sure. what's the reason?
    Is it fundamentals or some other issues?
    Can anyone shed some light.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Um, hmm... Let's see . . .

      BEAR MARKET ? ? ? ?

      Have you looked at the headlines lately?

      Do you realize the S&P is down 22% this year?

      Those who buy stocks in a bear market will get punished. Those who short will be rewarded.

    • 1. The commofity play is over

      2. The momentum specualtor left long ago.

      3. Future softness in demand due to recession

      Perfect storm.

    • these boards really are filled with morons. oh well, comic relief at least!

    • Comic relief ??? ....the market is losing almost half a trillion a day and you think its funny. Either you must have some rich uncles and so dont have to work or worry about savings for the future or you must be one of the most idiotic person to say that its funny to see people lose their livelihood.

    • none of the above. I'm smart and play the volatility with options rather than trying to predict which way the 300 point swing will occur every day.

      i didnt say losing money was comic relief, i said that the people on these boards provide comic relief with their stupid comments and ignorant views. ironically, your post just provided some more comic relief


    • ericcotter Oct 2, 2008 4:17 PM Flag

      Its Hedge Funds selling off massive positions and their doing so doesnt reflect the fundamentaols of this stock. Demand is way down but not this much. We will see a spike tomorrow. I bought at $38.

    • i agree with you, i just meant that buying near the end of a bear market is much better and ideal for long term investors than buying during a bull market.

      i also agree that the best move is to wait for a real bottom and buy when the market starts to recover a bit. missing the first 5-10% move up might not be as bad as guessing this is the bottom and wishing that you had waited till 20

    • When to get in?
      I suspect when Harbinger finally capitulates.
      It owns 18% of the free float.
      Who is going to buy all the stock when/if Harbinger has to sell?
      Most stocks Harbinger owns consist of 10+% positions in the individual stocks.
      That implies horrible liquidity......if Harbinger is seeing large redemptions...well....don't get in the way is all I would advise...

    • All fine and good, except people dont forget there is a floor on this stock.

      Big mining companies, STILL throwing off cash. ONe of them or one of the steel companies will just buy out CLF.

      CLF has excellent assets, and is going to make a lot of money EVEN after the commodities sell off is over with.

      he fundamentals for this company are great, they are still throwing off a ton of cash, and will continue to do so.

      This is a play on the continued globalization of the world. Commodities might be a little off, but we arent going much lower on them either. China might not be buying as much as they did last year, but they are certainly buying a ton more than they did 4-5 years ago.

      I think its getting to be a very good time to start buying.

    • I would suspect your right, I am also guessing that Harbinger ran for the doors when this market tanked 700 points.

      Especially if they had a levered position.

      Harbinger is down quite a few billion dollars on this thing.

      You watch, they will be out of the picture during the next time a disclosure comes out.

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