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  • briannna614 briannna614 Aug 14, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    People only wanted that dividend it seems...

    If they only wanted the Div. why didnt they sell yesturday???

    There must be another reason why they are down today?

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    • It's sort of typical. I think many people think they have to hold through the xdiv date. Only AAPL lately hasn't faded the day after xdiv. So absent good news (remember good news?) or world banks giving away our future, we are sideways and today it's down. I agree that low 40s is a buying opp.

    • Ms Brianna -- can you provide us with what this "other reason" might be in your estimation?

      As I indicated in my previous post, it simply appears that short-termers are dumping their shares after the dividend went into their pockets.

      Cheaper CLF shares should likely now go into stronger, more longer-term hands.

      There are still a lot of trading days left in the year.

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      • I dont necessarily disagree with either of you. I think some held for the dividend then were disappointed on how the stock reacted after getting the dividend and when some come home from work and saw that they lost the dividend plus some yesterday exited today. If it is still down tomorrow then maybe there is something else supplies still outpace demand and that is not good for IO prices which need to improve. There are a number of things that could turn this around on a dime but none of them have happened yet. Until that happens all rallies IMO are bear traps. Jubilation because of a few dollar rally is great for day traders but doesn't really mean anything long term until fundamentals change or an offer for a buyout.

      • She didn't have an estimation, she ended with a question mark and was asking for input.

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